Property Value
Geographical Properties
Nearest City Venore
Position 128.139, 125.117, 5
Personal Properties
Gender Male
Race Human
Occupational Properties
Job Shopmaster
Other Properties
Version 7.1
December 17, 2002
Status Active
Abran Ironeye
You see Abran Ironeye.
NPC Bubble D


    Near the south-west gate of Venore, at the Ironhouse.


    Abran is a warrior who runs the Ironhouse, where he and his employees forge, repair and sell weapons and armors. Be careful asking him about ironeyes and teddy bears. Abran Ironeye would like to see true warrior-king in Thais. Independence of Carlin is a proof for the weakness of Thais. He prays to Banor.


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    Player: Hi
    Abran Ironeye: Hail, Player! Why do you {disturb} me?
    Player: disturb / Job
    Abran Ironeye: I am a busy man. I run the Ironhouse.
    Player: Ironhouse
    Abran Ironeye: What do you think? Here weapons and armor are {forged}, repaired, and sold.
    Player: forged or warehouse
    Abran Ironeye: My Ironhouse is more than a warehouse.
    Player: Teddy
    Abran Ironeye: I don't know anything about a teddy... and if you are smart you shouldn't either...
    Player: Tibia
    Abran Ironeye: The world is ready for a significant change.
    Player: news
    Abran Ironeye: In Venore nothing comes for free and you could not afford my 'news'.
    Player: time
    Abran Ironeye: You should know that on your own!
    Player: King
    Abran Ironeye: I would like to see a true warrior-king in {Thais}... like in the old days. But who knows, perhaps one day the tides of fate will bring such a man to power. Who knows...
    Player: Thais
    Abran Ironeye: Thais has outlived its usefulness since years. Its star is sinking.
    Player: Carlin
    Abran Ironeye: Their independence is a proof for the weakness of Thais.
    Player: Excalibug
    Abran Ironeye: If someone would bring me that weapon I could reshape the realm... and reward this hero beyond his imagination.
    Player: Ferumbras
    Abran Ironeye: Quite a challenge, but his bets for power were made without the {finesse} of a true warrior.
    Player: finesse
    Abran Ironeye: I won't give away my tricks, learn your own.
    Player: Bye
    Abran Ironeye: You are dismissed.

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