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The Shiron'Fal was created while the god wars were most intense. It was a gathering of generals that oversaw the course of battle. Each of them a mastermind of immense power. Yet even they were unable to turn the tides of war to their favour. Their armies perished sooner as they could be replaced. Race after race was thrown into battle, only to become annihilated. Despising such a waste of resources the generals begun to hold back the finest specimens of the races and formed a personal retinue out of them. When the god wars came to a halt, they had accumulated considerable power for their own purposes. Yet they decided not to waste their armies in futile bits for temporary power but stayed their hand for times yet to come. Over the ages they worked behind the scenes and continue to recruit and muster. Their endless army is swelling and growing. They know that the god wars are not over yet and they will be prepared when the battle rages again.

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