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Magnor Mournbringer was more a mystic and philosopher than a knight. It is said he was forced into knighthood by his father, albeit himself aspiring to become a sorcerer. He was more a man of the books than of the sword, more often found in the study then on a jousting field. He was permanently banished from tournaments for the usage of alchemical concoctions. Still obligated to fight in battles on behalf of his king he relied more on sorcery then on his physical prowess. He enchanted and inscribed first his armour and weapons, later even his own body. He enhanced his skill and fortitude through powerful potions and brought his enemies down with runes and spells. The other knights shunned him but the 'witch-knight', as they called him, had his uses for the king. Giving little for chivalrous staples and being very pragmatic, the witch-knight was the one that the king called upon, when a dirty deed had to be done, something sinister to be accomplished. As times were dark and dire, the call for his skill was frequent. His fame and notoriety grew. On the height of his might and favour of the king he was nigh untouchable, reigning freely in his realm. Dubious visitors from all corners of the world frequented him. Rumours grew even more then his legend. When his patron, the king surprisingly died and not his sickly child was crowned but his pious cousin was made regent of the realm, his enemies made their complaints heard loudly. Soon the inquisition investigated in the case and it came to a direct confrontation when they tried to size Magnor's vast library for examination. Blows were traded and in the end the keep of Magnor was besieged by the regents army. With no other way to escape, the witch-knight summoned winged demons to carry him into safety. But the priests, accompanying the army, banished the creatures and Magnor fell to his death. When the regency ended and the king's son became ruler, Magnors honor was reinstated to some extent in memory of the dead king that cherished him. So he was given a proper funeral.

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