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Lord Lokhem the pious was a good man. In his youth he aimed to become a priest of Banor but later decided he could serve his god better as a knight. He put high standards towards others and even higher standards for himself. Almost no one found his approval. There was always some taint or fault that appalled him in human beings. all the more, however, he was appalled by himself. Whereas in others he could only assume the faults and sins, in himself he was well aware of them. His own anger, envy and greed disgusted him to no end. He felt a great evil was growing deep inside of himself. He studied the teachings of the gods and being unable to find a solution he relied on more and more dubious texts and books. Eventually, drawing from elements of different fragmented texts he devised a ritual that would ultimately cleanse him. By this ritual he planned to cast out his malignant side and destroy it once and for all. The preparations took several years and used up all of his fortune. Eventually he was ready and prepared. On the top of a mountain he scribbled ancient symbols, sung in forgotten languages and consumed elixirs of unspeakable ingredients. Three times three days he endured. In the ninth night at midnight a storm engulfed the mountaintop, without touching it. Amidst darkness and lightning from the ashes of the ritual fires a grotesque creature arose. Lord Lokhems evilness had manifested. Yet to his utter horror it was by far more huge and powerful than the puny remnants of his goodness, in a body that was exhausted by the ritual. His evil mocked him, claiming that this outcome had been its plan all along, to finally be set free. Lokhem valiantly tried to fight back by his dark self only toyed with him. Bleeding from countless wounds Lord Lokhem fell to the ground, powerless. He was still alive when he evil claimed his face for himself. Then it mercilessly slew the good side. It left to lead a life of corruption, spreading mayhem where it went. It is said that Lord Lokhems evil side, driven by memories of his research, was searching a secret library that was rumoured to contain vast knowledge. There he planned to find the spell that would free all the evil in humanity at once and give it substance. But he was overwhelmed by the guardians of the library and met his end by their hands. To honor his accomplishment to find them, the guardians granted him a proper burial.

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