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Duke Krule was born into a zealous family of thaian nobility. His oppressive and pious upbringing suited him well and from early age he joined an order of knights, dedicated to erase anything they deemed heretic. It was not much a choice of heart but the only sanctioned opportunity to escape the control of his overbearing father. The knights run several campaigns against the orcs and minotaurs mostly. Picking easy targets they were met with little resistance and the already very loose organisation of the order begun to dissipate more and more with the members often following their own petty agendas. Krule lead several raids against renegade orcs and later human bandits. His claiming of the loot did not suit the victims of the robbers well so as an empty gesture towards them, Krule disposed captured criminals in a rather gruesome fashion, claiming his campaigns were rather aimed at discouraging other criminals, then reclaiming stolen goods. With a growing strength and order in the kingdom, his targets became less and less and so he begun campaigns far from the borders to strike any easy target that seemed suitable. Under the pretence of doing the god's work, he begun to plunder ancient ritual sites and burial grounds of what he deemed heathens. Over time he and his war band had degraded into little more than bandits and grave robbers. Although operating far from the realm and not facing imminent threats, his acts of cruelty continued. It's not known if these vile acts lead to some shaman to curse him or if he was cursed in some ancient tomb which treasures he stole. But it's safe to say that his later years were spent in campaigns of slaughter and fire to acquire the means to end at least some form of curse. The nature of the curse could never truly be determined as he and all who accompanied him were slaughtered by an orcish warlord and his army in an ambush. Some brethren of his order later reclaimed his remains and despite his deeds and reputation gave him a proper burial.

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