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Vlarkorth was a wandering hero even in his youth. Heroic quests lead him all over the world and perhaps even beyond. Sometimes in his travels, while he already was a well-known and established knight, he acquired the secret of eternal youth. It is said that it was granted to him as a wish by fairies whom he had helped. Some whisper he had to sacrifice his own heart to acquire this gift. At least all sources agree that he was a changed man in his later live. While friends of old one by one retired and died, loved ones came and went, he grew more and more bitter and jaded. While he perfected his knightly arts more and more over the decades that passed, his views on knightly virtues became cynical at best. He sought out more and more perilous challenges, as they say out of a death wish. Regardless what fighter or menace he challenged, he went out victorious. He begun to let the more promising opponents live, albeit scarred and disfigured by his hand. It was assumed that this was his way to groom new challengers, to endanger his own live to at least sometimes feel some form of thrill. He antagonized the mighty and had only spite for the just and religious. Yet no challenger could match his skills. He fathered many children over the years and raised them with an iron fist, putting them through rigorous trainings and humiliation. That way he was fostering new generations of opponents that might be worthy one day to give him a challenge at last. At last it was his halve-elven daughter that would be his downfall. While she was a promising fighter he mistreated her like he always did with his children. When she dared to question his attitude once he had her mouth stitched shut. When he held a dashing young adventurer captive in his hold, she rescued him and the two fled. Vlarkorth followed them dispassionately. The hunt was just a mild thrill for him but better than nothing. So he chased them from one end of the world to another. Over the course of their adventures the fleeing pair made new friends and gathered a party of merry men and women. Sometimes Vlarkorth caught up but his prey eluded him in the end, albeit not without casualties. At some point the couple decided they could not run any longer. Alongside their allies they made a last stand and faced the heartless Vlarkorth. In a fierce battle one by one of their companions were wounded or killed. In the end only the halve-even maid and her lover stood against the barely wounded Vlarkorth. It was apparent that they both were no match for the ancient knight. As he was about to kill his daughter, the adventurer impaled himself on Vlarkorth 's weapon and weightened it down. The women, using her refined reflexes to honour his sacrifice, dispatched her ruthless father with a swift blow once and for all. Vlarkorth was buried in shame at a remote place.

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