This page is about the dungeon with Demons and Grim Reapers, for dungeon with varying spawn see Oramond Dungeon.

The Abandoned Sewers (aka Catacombs) is a forgotten place under Rathleton. Left to crumble away, fearsome creatures started to rule it.

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Access to this place is gained through the Dark Trails Quest.
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The combination of Demons and Grim Reapers make this place very good in terms of both Loot and Experience, specially for Paladins because they can use Holy Damage spells, but also for other vocations and team hunts.

There is a chance that you'll find a Slime Slide on the south-west part of the dungeon depending on the votes cast in the Rathleton Quest. You can also use the small room south-east of the Slime Slide as a safe place if you need.

NameEXPHPMax DamageLoot
Metal Gargoyle.gif
Metal Gargoyle
Grim Reaper.gif
Grim Reaper
550039002595 (1600 Physical Damage, 995 Death Damage)
600082001530 (500 Physical Damage, 250 Fire Damage, 300 Energy Damage, 480 Life Drain) + 120 Mana Drain + 250 Summons