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''Player'': Hi<br>
''Player'': Hi<br>
'''A Wrinkled Beholder''': What is this? An optically challenged entity called <name>. How fascinating!<br>
'''A Wrinkled Beholder''': What is this? An optically challenged entity called ''Player''. How fascinating!<br>
''Player'': Numbers<br>
''Player'': Numbers<br>

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In the depths of Hellgate there is a library with an NPC called "A Wrinkled Beholder". All the books in the library are written in a language called "469" which consists entirely of numbers. The beholder says the following in response to various keywords:

Player: Hi
A Wrinkled Beholder: What is this? An optically challenged entity called Player. How fascinating!

Player: Numbers
A Wrinkled Beholder: Numbers are essential. They are the secret behind the scenes. If you are a master of mathematics you are a master over life and death.

Player: Books
A Wrinkled Beholder: Our books are written in 469, of course you can't understand them.

Player: 469
A Wrinkled Beholder: The language of my kind. Superior to any other language and only to be spoken by entities with enough eyes to blink it.

Player: Tibia
A Wrinkled Beholder: It's 1, not 'Tibia', silly.

Player: Name
A Wrinkled Beholder: I am 486486 and NOT 'Blinky' as some people called me ... before they died.

Player: Excalibug
A Wrinkled Beholder: Only inferior species need weapons.

Player: Cyclops
A Wrinkled Beholder: Uglyness incarnate. One eye! Imagine that! Horrible!

Player: Elves
A Wrinkled Beholder: These fools and their superstitious life cult don't understand anything of importance.

Player: Orcs
A Wrinkled Beholder: Noisy pests.

Player: Minotaurs
A Wrinkled Beholder: Their mages are so close to the truth. Closer then they know and closer then it's good for them.

Player: Humans
A Wrinkled Beholder: Good tools to work with ... After their death, that is.

Player: Death
A Wrinkled Beholder: Yes, yes, I will kill you soon enough, now let me continue my investigation on you.

Player: Library
A Wrinkled Beholder: It's a fine library, isn't it?

Player: Gods
A Wrinkled Beholder: They will mourn the day they abandoned us.

Player: Job
A Wrinkled Beholder: I am the great librarian.

Player: Ab'Dendriel
A Wrinkled Beholder: I heard that elves moved in upstairs.

Player: Bye
A Wrinkled Beholder: Wait right there. I will eat you after writing down what I found out.

Also, say Blinky to him for some fiery humor!

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