Property Value
Geographical Properties
Nearest City Rathleton
Position 130.244, 123.182, 8
Personal Properties
Gender Unknown.
Race Goblin
Occupational Properties
Job Merchant
Other Properties
Version 10.90
December 8, 2015
Status Active
A Runaway Goblin
You see A Runaway Goblin.


    Down a Pitfall in the west of Krailos.


    He refuses to tell you his name, as he is wanted by the Ogres.
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    Part of the Krailos Quest.
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    Player: hi
    A Runaway Goblin: Hu-man! Strange guest! What want? Say!
    Player: name
    A Runaway Goblin: Oh, kind hu-man asks for goblin name! But too dangerous, am sought goblin! Ogres must not know!
    Player: time
    A Runaway Goblin: Time for hu-man to go away? Yes indeed!
    Player: job
    A Runaway Goblin: Am, er, purveyor of things! Yes! Bring stuff where needed, discreetly-like! Heheh!
    Player: runaway
    A Runaway Goblin: Yes! Not stay at ogre camp! Not wait to become tasty goblin soup, oh no! Not want to wipe hairy ogre backside, no no no!
    Player: ogres
    A Runaway Goblin: Urgh, ogre smell baaad! Like rotten rat cheese and dragon eggs! Terrible day for goblins when ogres found us! Slavery, sadness, sorrow!
    Player: Vuzrog
    A Runaway Goblin: Big gobbler of sweet. Here free tip for you, hu-man. Throw cookie into air to keep him busy while flee! Heheh.
    Player: Ghorza
    A Runaway Goblin: Shaman ogre? She no bother. Dancing around cactus tree, not see small goblin, heheh.
    Player: Larek
    A Runaway Goblin: Huh, hu-man who not know how to run. Too busy scribbling down things. Now has to make ogre cookies or become one himself!
    Player: Nibble
    A Runaway Goblin: Ahhh! You spoke to Golozo Taku Narkat Kash Bartak Har-Alhad! Him still alive, that good news!
    Player: Golozo Taku Narkat Kash Bartak Har-Alhad
    A Runaway Goblin: Please stop trying to say name correctly, hu-man. You no goblin.
    Player: Garamor Avolok Tor-Mazak
    A Runaway Goblin: Nice try, hu-man. But hu-man hear not all there is to hear. Need goblin ears!
    Player: Swordfish/Hopgoblin/Sugatrap
    A Runaway Goblin: No time for stories about great goblin, hu-man! You go about business, I do too.
    Player: goblins
    A Runaway Goblin: Very perspicacious hu-man!
    Player: quest/mission/weapon
    A Runaway Goblin: <puts finger to his lips>
    Player: crossbow/lance/staff
    A Runaway Goblin: Me not know anything!
    Player: bye
    A Runaway Goblin: Yes, please go!

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