Eustacio is looking to ascend in the Venorean society and plans to defeat the Pirats to gain reputation among the merchants.


Krakoloss mount, Snowbash, Mossmasher, Sandscourge or Bladespark Familiar (depending on the vocation) and its respective figurine, basic Rascoohan Outfits and the achievements Pied Piper and Release the Kraken.


This quest has two separate mission-lines. The main mission revolve around helping Eustacio in the fight against Pirats. First you have to prove yourself to him by fighting Pirat Raids to gain access to Rascacoon. On the island, you must also gain the trust of the Rascoohan, the island inhabitants, to be able to reach The Wreckoning, the Pirats hideout, and fight their leaders.

Parallel to that, you can start a search for a Hidden Treasure lost by some Coryms, which will eventually require access to Rascacoon as well.

Pirat Raids

Look for Eustacio in Venore's Harbor on the ground floor. Ask him about a mission and offer your help in the fight against Pirats. To gain his trust, you'll have to fight in several Pirat Raids all around Tibia. The raids are random, but you can ask Eustacio about their location if/where a raid is currently taking place. Make sure you ask him for an Orb and Flintstone, you'll need those for the raids.

You need 1500 points to proceed.


The raids can happen in different places across Tibia:

A Pirate's Tail Quest - Raid Locations.png

Raid types

There are 3 different raid types, and all of them can happen on all locations. The location and type of the raid are random. A new raid starts 30 minutes after the previous raid ended.


A Pirate's Tail Quest - Spyrats Raid.png

Spyrats will start spawning on the water near the shore. To kill them, you must first use the Magical Water Orb Magical Water Orb on the water to create a Platform Underwater. Create a path of platforms to the Spyrats and them kill them.

Each Spyrat attacked grants you 5 points. You do not need to be the highest damage dealer to get the points. The raid ends after 60 Spyrats have been killed. Then, you'll see the following message: The pirats used the big wave to flee!

Ship Attack

A Pirate's Tail Quest - Ship Raid.png

During this raid a big ship will be anchored on the shore. To fight the pirats, use a Pick on the stones nearby to obtain Ballistic Boulders Ballistic Boulder. Use these on the catapults and then light the ammunition using the Greenish Flintstone Greenish Flintstone Eustacio gave you. Finally, pull the lever on the catapult to fire. There is a 5 seconds cooldown on firing the catapult, however you can load and ignite the boulders right after shooting.

Each catapult loaded grants 2 points, each ballistic boulder ignited grants 2 points, and each shot fired grants 2 points. The raid ends after 50 shots are fired. Then, you'll see the following message: You fended off the attack! The ship is gone.

Land Invasion

During this raid, Pirats will spawn around the area. Each Pirat you attack grants you 3 points. You do not need to be the highest damage dealer to get the points.

The raid ends after 100 Pirats have been killed. Then, you'll see the following messages: You pushed them back! The pirats ran away.


After getting 1500 points with Eustacio (you can check by asking about your status), he will tell you about a secret passage that he believes leads to the Pirats hideout. The passage leads, in fact, to an island Rascacoon, which is also suffering with Pirats attacks. To reach this island, travel to Issavi and use the small shell north of the depot on the location shown below. Follow the path in this cave until you reach the surface of the island.

Use shell here Go down here Go up here Go up here

Isle Events

On the island, find Tik'hi Tak'he to the west. Offer him your help and he will ask you to assist the Rascacoon villagers in different tasks to grain his trust. Each task will give you a certain amount of points, which you can check with Tik'hi Tak'he by asking about trust points. You need 1200 trust points to be able to advance to the Tentugly fight.

Note: After visiting the island for the first time and talking to Tik'hi Tak'he you'll gain access to a shortcut between Venore and Rascacoon. To travel to the island, ask Eustacio about shortcut. To return, simply use the small boat on the deck where you arrive from Venore.

Memory Test

Find the large room inside the mountain at the center of the island. A few seconds after entering the room it will be locked and the test will start.


A Pirate's Tail Quest - Memory Test

At the center, a certain pattern of Pieces of Shells, Spiral Shells and Starfishes will appear. Your goal is to memorize them. Once this pattern disappears, several patterns of the same objects will appear around the center. You have to quickly find the pattern previously displayed and stay near it waiting for the round to end. The area corresponding to a pattern is delimited by the debris on the floor - you don't have to stay exactly on top of it.

A good strategy is to focus only on two of the three types of objects and their positions. For instance, there will always be a diagonal with 3 Starfishes or Spiral Shells. If you memorize that part and the remaining 2-objects diagonal, you'll end up with a unique pattern.

If you get the pattern right, you'll be allowed another chance, otherwise you'll be kicked out of the test area. You can win up to 10 times in a row, and then you'll be forced out of the room. Each successful round grants you 5 Trust Points, and you can repeat the Test every 2 hours.

Note that the options never change and will always be the same patterns on the same positions. You can see the patterns in the image below.


Stealth Mission


A Pirate's Tail Quest - Stealth Mission

To start this mission talk to Eustacios Spy Rat inside the Pirats cave, here. Ask him about advantage. After getting the instructions from him, enter the teleport. You can go with two other players during the mission, but this doesn't change your chances of succeeding or failing.

Your objective is to cross the room undetected by the Pirat Guards and Pirat Patrols. If you walk on a tile adjacent to them you'll be automatically kicked from the room. The Guards don't move and are easier to avoid, but the Patrols walk back and forth on a predefined path, so you have to watch their movement. Finally, in order to pass undetected by the Guards on top of towers, you can only walk near the tower when the Wall Lamp is off. The Lamps start blinking before turning on and off, so make sure to keep an eye on them. Note that on some spots you'll have to Levitate up and down.

You can use the map below as a reference on the path you must take, with the coins representing the path. Platinum Coins are used to show parts of the path on which you must watch out for the Wall Lamps.

You have 5 minutes to complete the mission, and this time is displayed as a countdown in seconds below the character name. Completing the mission successfully will grant you 200 Trust Points, and it can be repeated every 20 hours.

A Pirate's Tail Quest - Stealth Map.png

Supply Mission

This task happens just north of Tik'hi Tak'he. Find Om'Wake Naha and ask him how you could be helping. Enter the teleport next to him, where you'll find a lever with spots for 5 players. A full team is recommended for this mission.

When you enter the room, use the chest at your side and pick up the Racoohan Rat Revealer that will appear on the floor. Your objective is to push the Cheese down the open trapdoor at the center, while also protecting them from the rats that will spawn. To deal with the rats, you first have to use the Revealer on them, which makes them vulnerable to your attacks.You can also lure them over the stone piles to make them disappear.

The best strategy here is to only push the cheese near the trapdoor and have one or two players doing that. The rest of the team should stay around the room dealing with the rats, since they will quickly "eat" the cheese, which make you lose points. You can follow your score on the counter under your character's name.

Completing the mission successfully will grant you 200 Trust Points and it can be repeated every 20 hours.

The Journey

Battle recommendations:
Use Energy Damage during this fight.

Note¹: The Journey can only be taken if you have progressed up until the Queso mission of the Hidden Treasure part of the quest.
Note²: To be able to open the chest after the Journey you'll need to have a Cheesy Key Cheesy Key, obtained from the fight against Tentugly's Head.

Enter the teleport north of the island, here. The Journey can be taken by up to 5 players together. Your objective is to protect the raft for 10 minutes from attacks and obstacles. The health of the Raft is displayed as the small number under your character's health. If the raft takes too many hits and loses all of its health, you'll fail.

Succeeding in the Journey yields 200 Trust Points with Tik'hi Tak'he.

Note that since it takes 10 minutes to complete this event, multiple of the same events will happen. It will usually follow the rotation listed below but it can vary a little bit.

Gusts of Wind


A few seconds after entering the raft, several Gusts of Wind will appear. Be careful as they deal considerable Energy Damage. The Gusts must be lured to the Grille just by the mast. Doing that will add some health to the raft which may come in handy. To make this luring easier, you can throw Magic Walls and Wild Growths north and south of the Grille, and then walk east and west, forcing the Gusts to walk over that specific tile.



Small pieces of trash will start floating towards the raft from the west. Use the Cannons on the raft to destroy them. The cannons aren't automatic so you have to wait until the trash is close enough to click it again. This will happen continuously over the duration of the event so make sure your team is taking turns to check for debris and reef on the left side of the Raft.

Angry Elementals


Angry Elementals will appear on the raft. All you have to do is kill them, make sure to use Energy Damage or Death Damage as they don't take damage from most elements.

Sea Serpent


A Sea Serpent will start to swim by the raft, north or south of it. It will throw one strong wave that deals 300-600 Physical Damage towards the raft after each step and you should watch out and avoid. You should also throw magic walls to protect the Racoon Supplies because the serpent's wave will hit them and you can lose Raft HP if they die.

Quara Saboteurs


Quara Saboteurs will spawn on the raft and try to destroy the Raccoon Supplies, which you have to prevent. Energy Bomb Runes do not work anymore so your Knight has to be quick in using Challenge to get them off. Then the team should focus them down quickly because they will retarget often back to the supplies.

Mean Termites

When Mean Termites spawn, all you have to do is kill them quickly. Focus on the ones near the mast of the ship, they can easily make your group fail if you're not paying attention. Every larva that bites the mast will take 5 HP from the Raft.

All this events will repeat over the 10 minute duration so make sure you pay attention to what the captain is yelling!


Battle recommendations:
Energy Protection Icon.gif
Equip Energy Damage Protection during this fight.

Once you have reached 1200 Trust Points or more, talk to Tik'hi Tak'he about your mission again. He will now give you access to Tentugly. Enter the teleport south-east of the island, here, 1200 trust points will be consumed to give you permanent access to the teleporter. Go up one floor to talk to Captain Jack Rat. He will allow you to join his trip towards the Pirats hideout, but with the risk of running into a huge seamonster, Tentugly. You can take this trip with up to 5 players. You have 8 minutes to defeat Tentugly before getting kicked out of the fight.

After pulling the lever, you'll be at the center of the boat with Tentugly's Head. Additionally, Servants of Tentugly will spawn around the boat. Kill these, and attack Tentugly's Head for some time until it disappears. Shortly after, several Tentacles will appear around the boat.

Warning: Standing where the tentacles will spawn will lead to receving the message "You had to leave the area because of strange events." before being sent to temple.

You have to kill them one by one. Killing a tentacle will make it retreat one tile and you'll have to keep doing it until it goes away. Beware that there are also several tentacles on the upper floor.

When all Tentacles are gone you'll be able to fight the Head again. Kill it to get your reward.

The first time you defeat Tentugly you'll receive the Krakoloss mount and the Release the Kraken achievement.

Upon leaving the boat, you'll arrive at The Wreckoning. You can leave through the teleport or proceed on the island if you wish to.

Ratmiral Blackwhiskers

Battle recommendations:
Life Drain Protection Icon.gif
Equip Life Drain Damage Protection during this fight.

After defeating Tentugly you'll arrive at The Wreckoning. If you're ready for the fight you can proceed to the teleport here. If you decide to leave the island, you can return to The Wreckoning by going to Captain Jack Rat's ship and saying sail/safe/yes.

This fight happens in four stages, the first one being the most dangerous part of the fight. During the first 3 stages there's a miniboss that will disappear before it dies. On the final stage they all return to aid the main boss in the fight.

First Stage

Initially your goal is to destroy the Weak Spot on the gate north of the room. In order to do that, you must drag the Rum Barrel that spawns north-east of the room near the Weak Spot and wait until it dies. Note that both the Barrel and the gate only take considerable damage from Life Drain damage. The Pirat Artillerists that are spread across the room shoot a GFB-like Life Drain attack which will hit both the gate and the Barrel.

While trying to breach the wall, you'll have to fight Rateye Ric as well as several Elite Pirats. The blocker should challenge them, but beware that Rateye Ric attacks from distance. Furthermore, avoid walking around the Smelly Cheeses because deal constant damage around themselves.

The fastest strategy is to have all players near the gate while one of them pushes the Barrel. Using this strategy, only one Rum Barrel is necessary since the Weak Spot will also take damage from the Artillerists. This method can be very dangerous for lower level players and specially mages, however. A safer strategy is to have each player stay away from each other (2 east, 2 west and the blocker at the center). This way, the damage taken by each player will be much lower, but you'll likely need to push 2 Rum Barrels (it respawns shortly after exploding). Regardless of that, Life Drain protection is extremely helpful here, especially Necklaces of the Deep Necklace of the Deep.

Second Stage

After breeching the wall, move north to the ship. Here you'll fight Mister Catkiller. This part is very fast and should only last about 30 seconds, after which a ladder to the upper floor will appear. During this part you also have to watch out for Elite Pirats and Smelly Cheeses.

Third Stage

Going up the ladder to the ship's main floor you'll find 1st Mate Ratticus. It will also disappear not long after the fight begins, and the final stage will start.

Fourth Stage

You'll now finally fight Ratmiral Blackwhiskers. During this fight, the only special mechanic is a way to avoid the boss' fire waves. North-west of the room there's a Bath Tub. By using it, each player gets 6 "water charges" which will protect you from the fire damage from the boss. In order to get the charges, Ratmiral can't be near the Tub, so the knight must lure it to the east and quickly run to the tub to recharge whenever necessary.

When Ratmiral Blackwhiskers reaches 50% of his health, all the previously fought minibosses will reappear. You may single-target some of them to bring them down quickly and make the fight safer, but your main goals remains being to kill the Ratmiral.

As during the other stages, you'll still have to deal with Smelly Cheeses, Elite Pirats and Life Drain damage from Pirate Artillerists during this fight.

After successfully fighting Ratmiral, ask Tik'hi Tak'he about your mission and you will get the basic Rascoohan Outfit. The addons of this outfit are obtained by using Soap and Scrubbing Brush which are dropped by Ratmiral Blackwhiskers. You will also receive 100 Trust Points every time you defeat Ratmiral.

Hidden Treasure

Note: even though you can start this mission before getting access to Rascacoon, you'll need a Cheesy Key obtained from the fight against Tentugly to take the treasure.


Travel to the Corym Black Market in Liberty Bay. Go down to the 4th floor and go to the room north, where you'll find Rita's Letter in a chest. On this letter, Rita explains about a treasure she found with her brothers on a small island somewhere. Each brother holds part of a Rhyme you need to pass a magic portal that protects the Treasure.

To learn about the whereabouts of the brothers, go to the room south-west of the chest and look for the parrot Larry. Ask him about Rita and you'll receive a Quest Log update. Larry will tell you that one of the brothers, Sniff, is on Venore.

Entrance of the Corym Black Market Rita's Letter Larry the Parrot


Sniff can be found on the ground floor of the eastern exit of Venore, down the ladder, here. Offer him your help and he will ask you to recover some of his belongings that he lost in the sea south of the Plains of Havoc.

Travel to the Plains and go to a small beach all the way south on the location shown to the right. To recover Sniff's belongings you'll have to swim in the bay, however, there are sharks swimming in it and you'll need to be very careful with the path you take. You have to follow a specific route, and if you make a mistake you'll take 500 damage and be forced back to the shore. Follow the map below to reach the Cask, and then use it to retrieve Sniff's belongings.

A Pirate's Tail Quest - Shark path.png

Return to Sniff and give him his bag. In return, he will tell you where to find his sister Ra'Clette.


Leave Venore towards the eastern Swamp. You'll find Ra'Clette above the Little Corym Charlatans cave, here. Offer her your help. Your task will be to retrieve a personal item of Eustacio so she can make a voodoo doll of him. If you have already earned Eustacio's trust by helping in the Pirat raids, you can talk to him about his house and he will grant you access and add a marker to your minimap. In his house (here), open the Chest of Drawers to find a Lace-Trimmed Handkerchief Lace-Trimmed Handkerchief. Deliver this to Ra'Clette and she will give you her part of the rhyme, as well as send you to Thais to find the last brother, Queso.


Travel to Thais and go to the Prison (where Henricus stays). Inside a cell to your left you'll find some inscriptions on a wall. Use the inscriptions to discover Queso's part of the rhyme.

A Pirate's Tail Quest - Queso.png

The Treasure

To finally get the treasure, you'll have to complete The Journey mission in Rascacoon. Make sure you bring a Cheesy Key, which can be obtained from the fight against Tentugly's Head.

After completing the Journey, you'll arrive at a small island. Use the portal to cross to the protected area and the open the chest. You'll receive a new Familiar and its corresponding figurine, depending on your vocation:



Isle Events

Sealth Mission

Player: hi
Eustacio's Spy Rat: Psssht! Not that loud!
Player: loud
Eustacio's Spy Rat: Been seen with creatures like thee might cause me loosing my head or even my job. Wouldn't even do so now if ol' Eustacio hadn't sent word an' cheese. ...
Eustacio's Spy Rat: Good for ye', he just recently did. Ye probably made some good progress on his behalf.
Player: job
Eustacio's Spy Rat: I am a proud pirate. A hungry proud pirat that isn't treated too well and with a liking to people who pay with good cheese.
Player: people
Eustacio's Spy Rat: Eustacio pays me good cheese for my invaluable assistance.
Player: assistance
Eustacio's Spy Rat: I got ye entrance to the secret laboratory complex and placed the enchanted rat disguise at the entrance. ...
Eustacio's Spy Rat: So ye can sneak in and sabotage the newest mouldy powder production, which ye should find in some chest in the lab.
Player: disguise
Eustacio's Spy Rat: It looks convincing in the dark or from distance. It won't fool anyone from close up, not to mention that the guards get suspicious if they don't smell a rat. ...
Eustacio's Spy Rat: Keep in mind that the magic will run out with time, so don't be too tardy.
Player: convincing
Eustacio's Spy Rat: Just stay out of lit areas and keep yer distance from the guards. ...
Eustacio's Spy Rat: If ye are lucky, the glowing bugs that they use as illumination lose their shining for a few moments and ye can use that to yer advantage.
Player: advantage
Eustacio's Spy Rat: Ye'll have to be sneaky and resourceful. Use the terrain to yer advantage. Ye might even have to do some climbing. If ye are not agile enough, better bring some parcels.

A Pirate's Tail Quest

After getting 1200 trust points:

Player: trust points
Tik'hi Tak'he: You held out for a long time. I think you earned our trust. ...
Tik'hi Tak'he: Listen closely. There is a teleporter in the east of the island. It is used by pirats to go on board of their ship. ...
Tik'hi Tak'he: If you really want to help against the pirats, go through it and find out what's going on. But there is one catch! ...
Tik'hi Tak'he: You need to look like a pirat to go thorugh the teleporter. For 1200 trust points, I will cast a permanent entchantment on you that transforms you into a pirat for fifteen minutes every time you step through the teleporter. ...
Tik'hi Tak'he: I will also grant you access to my special assortment of rascoohan wares after you reached the pirats hideout. Do you want to advance?
15:47 Player: yes
15:47 Tik'hi Tak'he: I hereby name you trusted friend of the Rascoohan people!

A Pirate's Tail Quest