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Some of the Ghost Captain's former helpers wrote these instructions down so that others might have an easier time aiding the captain.

  • You have to man all three decks at once and compete in the mission there for success.
  • It is advised that the fourth member joins the crew on the lowest deck but other approaches are possible.
  • On the upper deck, vampire bats will attack from the north. They must not collide with the ship. Each collision will add one destruction point to the ship. If a certain amount of destruction points has been reached, the mission fails.
  • Additionally, the spectral core of the ship is located on the upper deck. Due to the strains of your journey, it will take damage at random times. If it is 'killed', the ship will take a significant amount of destruction points which will almost certainly lead to a failure of the voyage.
  • On the middle deck, the spiritual movement and energy source are located. The ship gains energy by discharging elemental forces that have to be brought to the corresponding elemental shrines. When someone approaches the purple flame, he will be charged with a certain elemental energy and change his appearance accordingly, though only for a limited time. This person has to reach the corresponding shrine and use it to discharge his energy. This will revitalise the purple flame. If the purple flame ever goes out, the ship will take considerable damage. Avoid the spectral vortexes and the grates. They will discharge you of elemental energy or confuse you temporarily. The flames will hurt you but neither stop nor discharge you. Sometimes sloth wraiths will spawn that can slow you down considerably. They are invulnerable but will disappear when lured on a spectral vortex.
  • On the lowest deck of the ship, you will find an emergency kit and a ghost duster. Both items are ESSENTIAL for your task. The appointed people should take them as quickly as possible.
  • On the lowest deck, ghost rats will spawn constantly. Use your ghost duster to destroy the rats. The rats' gnawing will occasionally destroy parts of the floor. The floor is destroyed in several stages. As long as no water is leaking, someone with an emergency kit can fix the holes, though the rats are able to gnaw through the fixed spot again. Each floor tile through which water is leaking will add destruction points to the ship. It is advised that one person uses the ghost duster and another the emergency kit, although groups may decide that they might need some more help on one of the other decks.
  • The journey will end with a failure once the ship has reached a certain amount of destruction points, or with success if the limit of destruction points has not been reached after a given period of time.