Help a cursed pirate in his desperate voyage that may free his soul once and for all. Join forces with old and new friends bound by fate and the stars to form a crew and sail the ghastly oceans of the netherworld with all its perils.


Thais Lighthouse, cave below Calcanea and Ghost Ship.


4 Achievements (11 total points), 20 Platinum Coins and a Pirates Surprise in a Pirate Bag for each successful journey and 10% more Experience points for some undead creatures if the world reach 50 successful journeys.

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Event starts if Friday falls on the 18th, 19th, 20th, 21st, 22nd or 23rd of a month (unless there is a World Event active or about to be launched same day).

Required Equipment[]


Step 1[]

Pirate Raid Iridia

Spectral Scum raid on Iridia


Team assignment

Seek out NPC Smaralda south-west of Thais (directly south of the Lighthouse here).
Start a conversation, ask her for a "soul seeing" and join the captain's crew.
You have now been given a certain soul mark.

There are 5 different Soul Marks a player can be assigned:

  • Arrow
  • Rock
  • Rope
  • Rune
  • Torch

If you forget which soul mark you have, just ask to Smaralda about "soul seeing" or step in the Glowing Switches inside Smaralda's house. Tell her "join" to obtain the Scum Bag.

Then proceed to catch 5 Spectral Scum with the Scum Bag given to you by Smaralda.
They will raid the cities of Thais, Carlin, Ab'dendriel, and Liberty Bay every 2 hours starting at Server Save.
If you lose your Scum Bag, you can ask Smaralda for a trade and buy another for 500 gp.

Step 2[]

After catching 5 Spectral Scum with your Scum Bag ("Use" the bag on a pirate to catch it, you will get a message when it's full), return to Smaralda and tell her "join".
Next you will need to find 3 players with the same soul mark as yourself.
Then all 4 players need to use the Crystal Ball inside Smaralda's house and you will be teleported to another room.
All 4 players must stand on the Glowing Switches and use the Lever to be teleported to the ship.

Step 3[]

You have 2 minutes to go to your floor before the journey starts. Each journey lasts 5 minutes.
It's recommended that the fastest player go to the middle deck .

At start the ship has 40 points of health. The ship can lose health by:

  • 15 points due to spirit bats attack. The ship took 15 damage due to marauding pirate bats!
  • 10 points due to burnt down spirit flame: The ship took 10 damage due to a burnt down spirit flame!
  • 4 points due to holes made by ghost rats: The ship took 4 damage due to spirit rat investation!
  • Random amount of points (but quite high) due to ship core losing all health points.

Upper deck[]

Kill the bats by using the corresponding telescope.
Do not kill the Soul Spark.
Make sure the Soul Spark stays near the Ship Core. It can also be trapped near the Ship Core with Fire Walls and/or Fire Fields, this way the Soul Spark heals the Ship Core all the time and damage to the ship coming from the Ship Core will be avoided.

Middle deck[]


Charging spot








Tiles to not step on

Two minutes after your team entered the ship, a purple flame will appear at the western corner.
Step on the wooden tile right of it and you will be charged with Fire, Energy, or Earth.
Run to the corresponding shrine, use it and then run back to the purple flame and do the same thing over and over again untill the quest is either completed or failed.

Your task is to keep the purple flame burning, each time you succeed on using the correct shrine the purple flame gets new burning time.
If you manage to take too long to get to the shrine the purple flame will change to a gray Poison Field for a while and your ship will take 10 points damage, but you can still proceed with the quest unless you get teleported out of it.

Beware stepping on the Spectral Vortex (Water Vortex) or the Iron Tiles (Rock (Grate)) while being charged.
This will make you lose your charge and you will have to run back to the purple flame to obtain a new one, making you lose valuable time.
The trick is to focus on not stepping on the wrong tiles rather than just rushing.

There also spawn Sloth Wraiths that may Paralyze, you can make them walk over a Spectral Vortex and they will disappear.
Players with level below 60 should use Haste spells, Time Ring and speed-enhancing equipment (see: Speed Set).

Having Dwarven Ring is also recommended in case you step the wrong tiles.

A method to run in this place (that might be faster for some people) is to wait 70 seconds after enter the ship and put fire fields on every Spectral Vortex and Iron Tile, then use map marks to walk to the western purple flame and the shrines when needed. Something like this:

Lower deck[]

On the lowest deck, Ghost Rats will spawn and chew holes on the ship.
One player should use the Ghost Duster to kill the rats and the other fix the holes with a Emergency Kit (these items can be found at the northeast corner).

An alternative way to do this is having extra Emergency Kit and extra Ghost Duster (from previous attempts), so both players are able to do both tasks in case it is needed.

The rats run away from players, they can make you drunk but they don't see invisible players, so both players doing this wearing a Stealth Ring or use Invisible spell(every 2 minutes) will be the best option, Dwarven Ring can be used if the player doesn't have the Stealth Ring or Invisible spell.

There are some blind spots for holes, around the ship masts on this floor, if the players got extra time, they should try to repair them now and then, specially if they saw rats near masts recently.


If a world succeeds in 50 journeys, it will receive a 10% experience increase to some undead creatures for five days (see below). You can check how many times your world completed a journey by saying: "journeys" to Smaralda.

Boosted Creatures[]

Acording to CipSoft, the following creatures are affected by the experience bonus: