Defeat the invading cake golems and use the corpses of your conquered enemies to build a bridge to a legendary island reachable only once a year. There you will have to face a challenge unlike any before. Grab your fork and be ready.


Carlin, Thais, Edron, Darashia or Liberty Bay during the first stage. Cake Keep Isle south of Cormaya on the second stage.


Cake Golems


25% more health and mana regeneration for seven days and a experience bonus of 50% for premium players for seven days. Achievements Cake Conqueror and I Did My Part, and one of these: a Cake Backpack, a Cake Cabinet Kit or a Cake Tapestry. One of three Cupcakes: Blueberry Cupcake, or the Strawberry Cupcake, or Lemon Cupcake.


In 2013, an additional mission became available to successful game worlds. Players who complete it may talk to Brutus The Baker and receive a Cake Cabinet Kit.

In 2014, two more rewards for Brutus' mission were added — the Cake Backpack and the Cake Tapestry. However, a player can only chose one of the three items.

In 2018, a group of three more rewards were added: a Blueberry Cupcake, a Strawberry Cupcake and a Lemon Cupcake. Again, each player can only choose one of the three cupcakes.

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A Piece of Cake starts on February 21 and ends on February 26th.



  • 25% faster health and mana regeneration for seven days
  • Experience bonus of 50% for premium players for seven days


Required equipment


First stage

Cake golem.PNG
When the World Quest starts, you will notice raids of Cake Golems in Thais, Carlin, Edron, Darashia or Liberty Bay. These raids happens once per hour starting at the Server Save until the requirements for the second stage are fulfilled.

When the Cake Golems appear in the cities, a few of them needs to be killed in order to collect 200 Sweet and Sugary Substances. These substances should be delivered to the Baker NPCs who can be found near the Cake Extraction Machines. A copy of A Piece of Cake I (Book), which explains the first stage of the quest, can also be found near every machine. If you say mass to any baker, they will tell you how many sugary substances were delivered.

You also need to lure 200 Cake Golems to be extracted in the machines. If you say base to any baker, they will tell you how many Cake Golems that were lured already.

The extraction machine on Carlin is located near the magic shop of Rachel (here). The baker is Benny The Baker.

In Thais it is located near the southern entrance (here). The baker is Biff The Baker.

In Edron the machine is located near the Stonehome entrance (here). The baker is Brian The Baker.

In Darashia it is located to the north-west, near a Wasp Tower (here). The baker is Balduin The Baker.

And the machine in Liberty Bay is located to the north-east, near Bertram (here). The baker is Billy The Baker.

Every hour the server will check if all the sugary substances and base material has been delivered. If so, the bridge in south of Cormaya will be built and the second stage will start.

Second stage

Eat Some Cake!

Go to the bridge in the southern end of Cormaya, here. You will find a massive cake and A Piece of Cake II (Book), which will explain the second stage of the quest.

Every 30 minutes after the bridge was built there will be an event where you have to eat cake. If all of the cake is eaten (except for the corners) the next layer will drop. if it isn't, the layer will reset and you will have to try again.

Before this part is started you should make sure you have a lot of hungry people (not regenerating) in Cormaya so when the 30 minutes begins they can rush to the cake and start eating it. each character can take 4 bites initially, each bite fills you up for 4 minutes (to a total of 16). waiting another 1 minute will give you another bite which will then make you completely full (19). It takes 19 minutes to become completely hungry again. in the 30 minutes you get to eat a floor a player can have a maximum of 12 bites.This means that there has to be at least 87 players eating the cake in order to finish one layer. By stepping on a spot where cake was already eaten you will earn the achievement Cake Conqueror.

If the whole layer has been eaten since the last reset the next layer will come down. Once all 4 layers are eaten the world quest is completed!

On Titania Jarun Vord came up with the idea to do it in true PvP-style. Since there were too few hungry characters they created noobchars that resident in Edron. These players were given money to travel to Cormaya and once a char was full, it was killed - making it hungry again. This way the cake was eaten in four turns straight [2 hours].


Once the whole cake has been eaten, NPC Brutus The Baker will appear here after the next Server Save. Say help to him, then he will ask you to step on the Cake Base at the island, and then visit one of the Cake Extraction Machines in Thais, Carlin, Edron, Darashia and Liberty Bay, repeating these two steps until all extraction machines have been visited. Note: You may begin the task of stepping on the cake base before speaking to Brutus. This means If your server completes the task of eating the entire cake and you wish to begin the task early you may do so and turn the task in once he has spawned the next server save.

Cake Cabinet mission.png

Once you have stepped on the extraction machine, return to the Cake Keep Isle, step on the cake base again and then proceed to the next city, repeating the process.
[: Route example: Cake Isle > Thais > Cake Isle > Carlin > Cake Isle > Darashia > Cake Isle > Liberty Bay > Cake Isle > Edron > Cake Isle]

Once you have visited all the extraction machines, return to Brutus The Baker and ask for your reward in order to choose one of the three cake items:

And one of the three cupcakes: