This book was one of the winners of the Write a Book contest. It was written by Mathias Bynens.

A merry party of four, looking to explore
Deep within Tiquanda, happened upon a door
What lay ahead, no one could tell
Yet bravely they opened it, entered -- then yelled!
An asura army had been waiting right there
Yet for a fierce battle the explorers came unprepared
The druid, trying to heal his friends
Forgot the basics of self-defense
No magic shield, his mana low...
A midnight asura dealt a deadly blow
The three explorers who remained
Saw their friend's lifeless body, badly maimed
They bravely set out to avenge their healer --
This time a hellhound was the damage dealer
The party was now down to two
And among them, indeed, panic did ensue!
Two dawnfire asuras saw their chance
And, using only their bare hands
Cast the deadliest, most demonic spell
Alas! The last two of the explorers fell

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