Property Value
Geographical Properties
City Rathleton
Position 131.200, 123.244, 8
Personal Properties
Gender Unknown.
Race Goblin
Occupational Properties
Job Clairvoyant
Other Properties
Version 10.90
December 8, 2015
Status Active
A Goblin Exile
You see A Goblin Exile.


    Krailos, down a Pitfall to the east.


    He used to be a priest and now claims to be used as a conduit of the Frog God in order to save the goblins stuck on Krailos. He used to be called Nemmo Tokrok Argkaz Ar-Vanda Ho'Memot, which roughly means The One Who Is No-One, Whose Name Is Buried in Memories of Days Lost Behind Closed Eyes.


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    Player: hi
    A Goblin Exile: Hello, hu-man! Away put your weapon, I am meaning no harm.
    Player: job
    A Goblin Exile: Used to be philosopher priest shaman for East Waterwhirl clans! Keeper of sacredness! Truth teller! But this no say anything to you, hu-man. ...
    A Goblin Exile: These days, me exile hermit waiting for new time. Keep things safe and hallow lost artefacts of goblins, for Frog God to look kindly on our last hope! ...
    A Goblin Exile: Frog God leads me to places where find useful stuff needed for salvation of goblinkind. I pray, his golden eyes lead. I find. I hide.
    Player: Frog God
    A Goblin Exile: Holy, holy, holy. Poor goblin pray to Frog God for new time of peace for goblins!
    Player: peace
    A Goblin Exile: Goblins wait for Third Time of Peace. Will be end of world as we know it. Frog God will return to be tadpole, Night Snake will devour skies and die, and earth will be one with water again.
    Player: Third Time of Peace
    A Goblin Exile: Hopefully, time near when goblinkind free again. Me await sign every day.
    Player: Night Snake
    A Goblin Exile: No story to tell in dark times, not here. Might come when called! Suffice it to say that it chases Frog God and hates cool earth and water, no friend of goblins.
    Player: name
    A Goblin Exile: Used to have one, when still in city. Left it behind. Now, old hermit waiting for goblin redemption I am. Nemmo Tokrok Argkaz Ar-Vanda Ho'Memot.
    Player: Nemmo Tokrok Argkaz Ar-Vanda Ho'Memot
    A Goblin Exile: Not name, more description of what is. Roughly means, The One Who Is No-One, Whose Name Is Buried in Memories of Days Lost Behind Closed Eyes.
    Player: goblins
    A Goblin Exile: For long time, goblins safe in mountains. Lived and prospered! Sang songs of golden times, passed on knowledge from old to new goblins! Then ogres came.
    Player: ogres
    A Goblin Exile: Always hungry, always, take, kill, eat, destroy! Must have been spawn spewn out by Night Snake to prey on poor Frog God children.
    Player: Nibble / Golozo Taku Narkat Kash Bartak Har-Alhad
    A Goblin Exile: You seen Golozo Taku Narkat Kash Bartak Har-Alhad! If him still alive, there still hope. Great leader, almost golden fire of Sugatrap in him. Him never give up.
    Player: Garamor Avolok Tor-Mazak
    A Goblin Exile: Ah, me know him. Young goblin scholar, heart of philosopher. Best pupil he was! ...
    A Goblin Exile: Him rally other goblins in time of need and bear their soul load. Sign of golden eyes looking on him, great deed and burden, oh yes.
    Player: Swordfish
    A Goblin Exile: Him best friend of Sugatrap. Bravest goblin scout, master of disguise and fleet-footed! Found city founding stone! Protector of city! ...
    A Goblin Exile: Dressed up as ogre girl to distract hungry ogres from holy food finders! ...
    A Goblin Exile: Sang snarky songs to lure ogres away from wounded Sugatrap, then ran back and carried him to nearest hidden tunnel entrance! ...
    A Goblin Exile: Lots more stories but no time to tell, hu-man!
    Player: Hopgoblin
    A Goblin Exile: Wisest goblin of past times, founded three school of rival philosophies! Very selfless goblin, died for goblinkind! ...
    A Goblin Exile: His riddle stopped ogre killing long enough for goblins to flee back home, collapsing secret tunnels! But Hopgoblin stay behind and angry ogre kill him and break his staff. ...
    A Goblin Exile: His broken staff in my family for hundred generations! Proud heirloom! One day will be made whole when goblins free again!
    Player: Sugatrap
    A Goblin Exile: No! You lie! That not true. Golden eyes averted from you!
    Player: Grubokk
    A Goblin Exile: That name of mine jailer now? I remember other ogre jailer. Bit him into shin before me went into exile. Heheh.
    Player: bye
    A Goblin Exile: Goodbye, hu-man. Don't let ogres bite you.

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