Property Value
Aliases Old Cape Quest, Tereban Quest
Est. Length
Quest Log A Father's Burden Quest
Level 0
(50+ recommended)
Classification Quest
Version 8.6
June 30, 2010
Status Active


A Father wishes to get his four sons gifts on their mutual birthday.


Zao lesser creatures, Wailing Widows, lesser Undead, Demon Skeletons, Barbarians, Dwarves, Dragons, Apes, Ankrahmun Tombs creatures.


28,000 exp, 8,000 gp, Old Cape

Required Equipment

The Birthday Presents

  • Go to Edron and find NPC Tereban, he is located above depot, at Mirabell's tavern.
  • Talk to him and ask about every ingredient for the presents you need to collect.

The Magic Bow - SinewStrong Sinew

A Father's Burden Quest Map 1

The Magic Bow - Wood Exquisite Wood

  • Go to Svargrond and travel with Buddel to the raider camps. Proceed to Bittermor and go to the north-west of this cave. The quest item is behind a quest door again.

A Father's Burden Quest Map 2

The Magic Robe - ClothSpectral Cloth

  • Go to the Isle of Kings and descend to the 6th floor. There you need to use a Pick in the most northern part of the floor, in the shadow of a Stone Pillar. Go down to the 7th floor and go west until you see a quest door.
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You need first mission of The White Raven Monastery Quest to enter sealed door
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A Father's Burden Quest Map 3

The Magic Robe - SilkExquisite Silk

  • Go to the Zao Wailing Widow Cave and go down to the third floor. You can get from the first floor to the second by going south-west from the entrance and you can get from the second floor to the third floor by going east from the ramp. Use a Spider Victim in the middle of the room to get your item.

A Father's Burden Quest Map 4

The Magic Rod - CrystalMagic Crystal

  • Travel to Ankrahmun and follow theway to the Shadow Tomb. You will find a room behind a Door (Sealed), use the sarcophagus to get your item.

A Father's Burden Quest Map 5

The Magic Rod - Root Mystic Root

  • Travel to Port Hope and head to Banuta. Go downstairs and be prepared to face a lot of Apes. The item can be found in the northern part of the area.

A Father's Burden Quest Map 6

The Magic Shield - IronOld Iron

  • Travel to Kazordoon via Steamboat (you can also go there but doing it this way is faster). Rope up two times and then head south and go downstairs. Here you will find your item.

A Father's Burden Quest Map 7

The Magic Shield - ScaleFlexible Dragon Scale

  • Head to Greenshore's orc cave. On the main level follow the way to the west towards the small Dragon cave. At its west end you will find Glitterscale. Kill it and obtain your item.

A Father's Burden Quest Map 8

  • After collecting all items, go back to Tereban to claim your rewards.


Player: hi
Tereban: Greetings, friend.
Player: mission
Tereban: I have four sons which are very dear to me. Though they were born on the same day and even in the same hour, they took quite different paths in life. ...
Tereban: Each of them chose a different vocation, one will become a knight, one a sorcerer, one a druid, and the other a paladin. In a few weeks they will reach adulthood and I am holding a birthday party for them. ...
Tereban: It should become a day to remember and so I want to give them something special as a present. I searched the land for the finest craftsmen so they could create suitable presents for my sons. ...
Tereban: But something of fine craftsmanship will just not cut it. So I asked them what they would need to create something special. They all came up with lists of rare and expensive items necessary for the task ahead. ...
Tereban: I spent a small fortune to buy most of the materials but in the end the key components are that rare that they cannot be simply bought somewhere. ...
Tereban: As far as I understood it, the places where you can get these items are quite dangerous and so it would take some adventurer to get them. ...
Tereban: That would be your mission if you are interested. Uhm, so are you interested?
Player: yes
Tereban: I am relieved someone as capable as you will handle the task. Well, I need the parts of a sorcerer's robe, a paladin's bow, a knight's shield, and a druid's wand.
Player: bye
Tereban: Farewell.

The Magic Bow - Sinew

Player: hi
Tereban: Greetings, friend.
Player: strong sinew
Tereban: Do you have the required sinew?
Player: yes
Tereban: Ah, not only did you bring some sinew to me, you also made the world a safer place by killing Heoni.

The Magic Bow - Wood

Player: hi
Tereban: Greetings, friend.
Player: exquisite wood
Tereban: Could you find the wood we were talking about?
Player: yes
Tereban: Thank you. I feel somewhat embarrassed to put you into such a danger for some birthday present but I am sure you can handle it.

The Magic Robe - Cloth

Player: hi
Tereban: Greetings, friend.
Player: spectral cloth
Tereban: Could you find the cloth I am looking for?
Player: yes
Tereban: It looks a bit scary but I guess sorcerers might even find that appealing. Thank you very much.

The Magic Robe - Silk

Player: hi
Tereban: Greetings, friend.
Player: exquisite silk
Tereban: So you've found the silk that I need?
Player: yes
Tereban: Great. I better don't think about how big a spider has to be to produce such strands of silk.

The Magic Wand - Crystal

Player: hi
Tereban: Greetings, friend.
Player: magic crystal
Tereban: Did you find the required crystal?
Player: yes
Tereban: Oh look at the colours and sparkles. This crystal is truly remarkable, thank you.

The Magic Rod - Root

Player: hi
Tereban: Greetings, friend.
Player: mystic root
Tereban: Could you find the root which we are looking for?
Player: yes
Tereban: You are admirably determined in fulfilling your task. I will make sure that my sons appreciate what you did for their presents.

The Magic Shield - Iron

Player: hi
Tereban: Greetings, friend.
Player: Old iron
Tereban: Have you found the iron that we need for the present?
Player: yes
Tereban: I wish there'd an easier way to get that iron but those dwarfs are so stubborn. However, now we got what we need.

The Magic Shield - Scale

Player: hi
Tereban: Greetings, friend.
Player: flexible dragon scale
Tereban: Could you get Glitterscale's scales yet?
Player: yes
Tereban: These scales must have belonged to a fearsome beast. I envy you for your bravery.

Reporting about your mission

Player: hi
Tereban: Greetings, friend.
Player: mission
Tereban: I'm so glad I finally have all the parts for the presents. Your reward is my eternal gratitude. Well, that and some gold of course. ...
Tereban: Take this sachet over there, I wrapped the coins into this old cape I had still lying around here from a barter with a stranger, it is of no use for me anyway. Farewell and thank you once again.

Treasure Chest
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