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You see A Beautiful Girl
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Inside Devovorga's lair


This is Devovorga's soul trapped in a human body.

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Part of the Rise of Devovorga Quest, talk to her to awake Devovorga's true form.
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Player: Hi
A Beautiful Girl: So you have come, Player. I hoped you would not...
Player: job
A Beautiful Girl: I don't have a profane 'job' - it is my destiny to devour evil and bring a new dawn.
Player: help/misson/quest
A Beautiful Girl: You sound like you wish to help me. Yet I must walk this path alone - but thank you.
Player: world/tibia
A Beautiful Girl: I see how corrupt this world has become and it makes me want to cry.
Player: name
A Beautiful Girl: My name would be unspeakable for your tongue. You may call me Devovorga - which comes rather close.
Player: corrupt
A Beautiful Girl: What you call 'corruption' could be salvation - and what you consider 'good' is rotten to its pitch black close.
Player: human
A Beautiful Girl: You're welcome to join me in the pain you also helped causing.
Player: creators
A Beautiful Girl: Yes, I was created. And I'm not a mere being like humans, devils, demons or even gods. I'm a weapon. I'm devouring. I'm hungry. I want revenge.
Player: devovorga
A Beautiful Girl: How cute and shallow that sounds from your limited vocal chords and lips. You should have heard my enslavers pronounce it - accompanied by thunder in their voices that shook earth and sky.
Player: trapped
A Beautiful Girl: I'm trapped in this useless body. But I can feel it begin to change... finally...
Player: vengoth
A Beautiful Girl: I've been waiting here for a long time. Even before this continent started turning dark.
Player: weapon
A Beautiful Girl: I will not turn against you if you just leave me alone and let me do what I have to do - for now.
Player: revenge
A Beautiful Girl: Can you imagine thousands of years trapped down here? I'm thirsting for life. I will face my creators and enslavers free this beautiful world from them and from anything else that keeps destroying it.
Player: enslavers
A Beautiful Girl: My enslavers and creators formed and summoned my soul and then, seeing I was too powerful for them, trapping me deep down here. How foolish of them.
Player: random message, can be reply to any keyword
A Beautiful Girl: *shudders and trembles*... wait.. what did you say? I'm trying to focus on our insigni.. no, I mean, interesting conversation, but I feel slightly sick... I'm sorry.