Explore the history of Tibia's development and fight your way to the past!


"Memory" version of several creatures, Lord Retro


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In Thais, go to the north-east wall tower and go down the stairs. You'll find a teleportation machine. Use it to enter the Time Travel Dungeon.

During this quest you'll go thorugh several areas which are replicas of existing areas of Tibia, in reverse order of implementation. You'll start at the replica of the Forest of Life, implemented in the Summer Update 2021 and finish at Thais, the very first city of Tibia.

The creatures are all "Memories" of the real creatures, and all have similar strength to each other. Most of them are weaker than the real creatures, with the exception of the memories of weak creatures such as Amazons and Dwarf Guards.

Forest of Life, Lion Sanctum and Kilmaresh

After entering the dungeon, follow the path until you reach a Lion Statue. If you have the White Silk Flower on you, you'll be allowed to use the statue and proceed.

After crossing the wall, go north and pick up the Palette and Brushes Palette and Brushes from the Sarcophagus, here. Next to it you'll also find a Brass-Shod Chest containing a Half Empty Picture Album (Falcon Order) Half Empty Picture Album (Falcon Order). You'll need these items throughout the quest.

Finally, on the room to the east you'll find a Blank Paper Blank Paper in a Coffin, here. You'll find several in the dungeon and you'll need a total of 8 of these. All of the places you can get Blank Paper share a per-character cooldown of two minutes. In other words, there's no point running back and forth between two spots because it won't help you get Blank Papers more quickly.

Follow the dungeon until you reach a Portal at the end Portal (Ascending).gif

Secret Library, Feyrist, Hallf of Hope and Krailos

On this floor you can start completing your picture album. Walk north from the entrance where you'll find a Falcon Banner on the wall. When near it, use your Palette and Brushes Palette and Brushes on an Blank Paper Blank Paper. You'll paint a Picture of a Falcon Banner Picture of a Falcon Banner. Use the Picture on the album and it will become a Half Empty Picture Album (Halls of Hope) (its sprite won't change).

Now, follow the dungeon towards the other side. Near the portal, you'll have to dig around the sand until you find a Tibia Coin (Item) Tibia Coin (Item). Once you have it you'll be able to pass through the portal. Note that the first time you pass through the portal it will "consume" the Tibia Coin, however if you wish you can dig one up every 10 minutes.

Oramond, Roshamuul, Warzone 1, The Hive and Fiehonja

Once you get here you'll have several items to collect:

  • If you did not bring one, you'll need to loot a Bronze Gear Wheel Bronze Gear Wheel from the Golems.
  • Use the Valve on the ground here or here to take a Copper Valve Copper Valve. Note that only the brighter, copper valves can be picked up. Once taken it takes a few minutes for a new valve to appear.
  • From a small pile of rubbish on the floor, pick up the Calibrated Indicator Gauge Calibrated Indicator Gauge.
  • North of the golems you'll find a chest. Take the Glass Tube Glass Tube from it.

Now, return all the way to the entrance as if you were returning to Thais. When you get to the Time Machine you will not be able to use it anymore because it's broken. Use the four items on the machine to fix it. You'll be allowed to leave the dungeon and return again as you wish.

Go back to the Oramond area. In the Roshamuul area you'll find another Blank Paper you should take. Then continue following the dungeon until you reach the Fiehonja area, where there's also a paper to the south. Go into the portal to the next area.

Zao, Yalahar, Svargrond, Liberty Bay

When you reach this area, in the building where you arrive open a chest to pick up the Wind-Up Loco Wind-Up Loco, it's needed for the Gloothomotive mount.

On the next room to the south with Yalahari, click on the skull on the floor to take a Black Skull (Quest) Black Skull (Quest).

Moving on, find a nest with eggs north-west of the Svargrond area where you'll take a Flask with Paint Flask with Paint. Use it on the nearby baby seals to paint 3 of them.

Next, jump into the water and open the floating bottle to pick up another piece of Blank Paper.

You can now continue to the next area. Every time you enter the teleport to the next area, it consumes 5 soul points. You get the message "Venturing forth into Tibia's past only costs you a small part of your soul. Go for it!".

Tiquanda, Ankrahmun and Venore

Before starting this part make sure you have 5 regular Blessings or 5 Blessing Charms, and you are Promoted. You will need to walk past the jungle and in the portal south of the desert

Around the Venore area, you'll get the remaining Skulls you need for the quest. The skulls are displayed on the map to the right and are the following:

There are also 2 Blank Papers in this area as shown on the map. Once you have all the skulls, including the Black Skull from the previous areas, go into the portal.

Edron, Ab'dendriel and Kazordoon

Once you reach the area, go to the small house south-east and pick another Blank Paper. Then, walk northwest of the Edron area, towards the Ab'dendriel area, then south until you reach the Kazordoon area. There look for a Barrel Barrel, use it and get a Commemorative Platinum Coin Commemorative Platinum Coin.

Continue to the last room, use the platinum coin on the coin slot west of the final door, then proceed to next portal.


Here is the last floor. All you need to do, for now, is to walk north to the room resembling Frodo's food store and enter the Magic Forcefield (Orange) which will lead you to Calcanea (Retro). There you can get a Old Health Potion Old Health Potion and you should once again use your Palette and Brushes Palette and Brushes on a Blank Paper Blank Paper to get Picture of Calcanea Picture of Calcanea.

At this point you have full access to the dungeon and all there's left is the boss access by finish filling up your album. Considering you already have the previously mentioned Picture of a Falcon Banner Picture of a Falcon Banner and Picture of Calcanea Picture of Calcanea, now you have to get the following pictures:

There's a total of 8 pictures to collect and use on your album to complete it. You can also get additional Blank Papers to get additional pictures for decoration purposes.

With a complete album, go back to Thais floor in the Time Travel Dungeon, head northeast and step into the blue fire and you'll get teleported to MUD's room. Say MUD and then confirm the following questions and accept the challenge against Lord Retro. You'll be teleported to a lever run which looks similarly to The Annihilator Quest's lever room but bigger.

Lord Retro

This boss fight consists of 4 stages. Throughout every stage, an 'X' with numbers will appear next to your character. This number increases when you are hit by the exori effect of the Minor Bugs and Major Bugs. You can decrease it by standing next to the Community Manager (who is present in 3 of the 4 stages) and getting hit by the Hearts Effect. If your X counter reaches 100, you will fail and get kicked out of the boss fight.

You'll also fail if the CM dies, so make sure to remove creatures from it and heal it with Mass Healing.


Note: There's a teleport north of the room which leads you outside of the battle. Do not enter it if you don't intend leaving the boss battle.

The first part of the boss fight takes place in a location that is an allusion to Rookgaard's center. There you'll find the following creatures:

Your goal here is to destroy the Parcel Castles and in order to do that you need to transform Hard Times into Blissful Times, which will explode and damage the parcels.

In order to transform Hard Times into Blissful Times you need to lure Hard Times east close to Time Distortion. Time Distortion's attack will force the transformation, however Blissful Times only last a couple of seconds, and disappear after one area attack.

When Blissful Times use their area attacks, nearby Hard Times will also transform into new Blissful Times, so in order to progress you need to create a line of Hard Times so that the area attack from the Blissful Times chains all the way from the Time Distortion to the parcels. Every Blissful Times' attack that hit the parcels will take 500 hp from them.

Repeat the process until one of the four piles of parcel is killed and wait in the room until you get teleported to a place that is an allusion to Thais Castle.

Thais Castle

A Community Manager will appear in the middle of the room. Protect the Community Manager from the Major Bug and Minor Bug by luring them away. A Festival Cake will spawn and can only be killed by Major Bug and Minor Bug Area of Effect attacks. Dead Festival cakes will turn into cakes (items)Festival Cake which must be used on Lord Retro to damage him. Repeat this a few times until Lord Retro disappears and you will be teleported to a place that is an allusion to The Demon Oak.

Demon Oak

Your goal is to deal with Bots, Major Bugs, Spoilers, and Toxic Tibia Trolls, by performing specific actions. You must also protect the Community Manager.

As you ignore, trap, and ban the creatures Lord Retro will grow frustrated until he disappears and and you will be teleported to a place that is an allusion to Ferumbras Citadel.

Ferumbras Tower

Stand next to the Community Manager until your outfit is turned into Ferumbras Ferumbras. You will receive a special Area of Effect attack that is triggered automatically. Use this to kill Allusions. Upon death they will turn into an Easter Egg Easter Egg which should be used on the Magic Wall (Object) Magic Wall (Object) to damage it. Repeat this three times and once the Magic Walls break, Lord Retro is released. Continue to use the Ferumbras special attack to kill Lord Retro.

Note: Lord Retro's attack will rapidly increase your counter, so the blocker should always stay near the Community Manager to reduce it and avoid being kicked from the boss room.

Upon his death Retros Treasure will spawn in the middle of the room which can be destroyed by using regular attacks.


After defeating the boss you will receive the base Formal Dress Outfits. Additionally you'll be able to use the purple teleport as a shortcut from the Memory of a Werelion room to the one close to Lord Retro's teleport.
Outfit Formal Dress Male.gif Outfit Formal Dress Female.gif