|  namn           = Namn på NPC
|  flavortext     = NPC subtext
|  yrke           = Yrket på NPC
|  plats          = Området där man hittar sin NPC
|  köpsälj        = "ja" eller "nej"
|  köper          = Vad en NPC köper, om "ja" ovan
|  säljer         = Vad en NPC säljer, om "nej" ovan
|  övrigt         = Alla annan information om en NPC

Example of this template here.

Explanation of NPC Template

  • yrke.- The job or vocation of this NPC. They may be a shopkeeper, a hermit, a priest or healer, a guard, a criminal or royalty.
  • plats.- The city they can be found in or nearest to. If not in a city the surrounding area. NPC H.L. can be found in the Outlaw Camp part of the land south of Kazordoon, that is west of POH.
  • köpsälj- enter "yes" or "no". This determines whether to use a subtemplate for listing the items bought/sold by this NPC.
  • köper.- This is whatever the NPC may buy from the player. Usually just for shopowners, or perhaps an NPC that trades items, and specify what. NPC buys [[Object]] for "Amount" [[GP]]s This parameter can be omitted if buysell is "no".
  • säljer.- This is whatever the NPC sells to the player, or just gives freely or in trade of another item, and specify what. NPC sells [[Object]] for "Amount"[[GP]]s. This parameter can be omitted if buysell is "no".
  • övrigt.- Any remaining information on the NPC, any special things they do, whether or not they can heal, what they can tell you, what quests they help you with, etc.

None NPC Okänd
Plats: Okänd
Yrke: Okänd
Övrigt: Okänd
Varubyten: Köper: Säljer:
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