'''Rods''' are magical ranged weapons usable only by [[Druid|druids]] and they work similarly to the [[sorcerer]]'s [[Wands|wands]]. They fire every turn and spend a small amount of mana to inflict elemental damage. The benefit is that, unlike a [[knight]]'s weapon, every hit deals damage. The drawbacks are that different monsters possess different resistances, which means that sometimes you might need a different rod to deal reasonable damage and the fact that rods deal overall much lower damage than the weapons of a highly skilled knight.

Rods can deal either [[Ice Damage|ice]], [[Earth Damage|earth]], or [[Death Damage|death damage]].

Whereas knights can use a weapon if they do not meet its level requirement, in which case they will simply deal lower damage, a druid '''cannot''' use a rod that requires a higher level that their own.

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