Gesprek met WallyEdit

Speler: Benjamin
Wally: Old Ben lost some of his marbles in some battle long ago. He is still a quite capable postman though ... on second thought thats some disturbing fact.

Speler: Dove
Wally: Dove is as good as a dozend pigeons. He He He.

Speler: Liane
Wally: Although I never met her in person we became penpals over the time.

Speler: Lokur
Wally: Dwarfs make quite good postmen. They are stubborn, strong and ... sturdy. Its a waste that he prefers a job behind the counter.

Speler: Olrik
Wally: This Olrik was made postman only for convenience. He is quite aware that his attitude and affiliation with the thaian government makes it impossible for him to rise in rank. This leads only to him behaving even worse tough.

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