Gesprek met PartosEdit

Speler: hi
Partos: Welcome to my little kingdom, Speler

Speler: name
Partos: My name is Partos, but you can call me Party.

Speler: party
Partos: Yeah! Come in and let's have a party.

Speler: how are you?
Partos: I am great! Free food, free room, and now and then someone coming down here to ask me silly questions. Wouldn't you love that, too?

Speler: job
Partos: Guess it! I give you a hint: I am not in this cell to clean it up! ...
Partos: I wished, I would have never left Ankrahmun.

Speler: Ankrahmun
Partos: Yes, I've lived in Ankrahmun for quite some time. Ahh, good old times! ...
Partos: Unfortunately I had to relocate. <sigh> ...
Partos: Business reasons - you know.

Speler: djinn
Partos: I won't talk about that.

Speler: gold
Partos: Gold got me in here.

Speler: jail
Partos: You mean that's a JAIL? They told me it's the finest hotel in town! THAT explains the lousy roomservice!.

Speler: criminal
Partos: Bah, I did nothing serious. I just had a little fun. In Ankrahmun nobody would have cared about these kind of things...

Speler: fight
Partos: Hey, most people I killed were even worse than me.

Speler: time
Partos: Geee, someone stole my watch. Bad company down here.

Speler: king
Partos: Yeah, a king is a man that can rob people by law, and not by night like me.

Speler: Tibia
Partos: I love this world. I just wish I could see some other part of it now and then.

Speler: Thais
Partos: I love the city. I just wish I could see some other part of it now and then.

Speler: bye
Partos: Good bye, visit me again. I will be here, promised.

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