Bestand:Nemal.gif NPC Nemal
Locatie: Jakundaf Desert, -3 levels when entering ruin.
Beroep: Wanderer
Notities: Nemal is blind. That's why he can't read or write. He calls himself "wanderer".

His father knew gharonk, a very strange language. He may reward you for giving him a special book.

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When you say "Carlin" he will react like this: "Nemal: Aaaahh, Carlin, yes. I know this town. Strange graveyard there, isn't it?" He gives a silent hint where you can get his Red Rose for his potion. The route to find him: Go down in the old ruin in the desert, go down 5 levels. Walk north around the corner and south, watch out for the Beholder in a cave to the left. Walk south till you see some sand and a ladder up. Go up and go north past a 4-way, till you see a sign and a locked door. Now go up through the ladder left of this. You found Nemal (in the big round cave).

(Silver Key:4037) The book containing the recipe for the potion of regained vision is in one of the bookcases in desert dungeon library. To receive a key from Nemal you must have all ingredients listed in the recipe (a Roll, Flour, Dough, a Red Rose, and a Cherry), which aren't too hard to obtain.

Transcripts Edit

Player: hi
Nemal: Hello. How are you? Maybe you can help me: Do my shoes have the same colour?
Player: blind
Nemal: Yes, I seem to be blind. But I am not sure - maybe the dungeons are too dark!
Player: potion of regained vision
Nemal: I heard of a potion of regained vision ... but I can't remember how to make it! Maybe you can help me. Do you know something about it?
Player: yes
Nemal: So, did you bring the ingredients with you, stranger?
Player: yes
Nemal: You seem to have them with you. Can you tell me, how many minutes I have to cook them?
Player: 31
Nemal: Ah. It seems to work. But what are the words I have to speak?
Player: nalus murtu
Nemal: Thank you! NALUS MURTUUU! ... I can see again! To show you, how grateful I am, I'll give you a key. Be wise when using it. I can't tell you, where it matches, but ... take good care, it is useless without mental powers!

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Items die hij/zij ruilt:Geen.

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