Gesprek met LugriEdit

Speler: hi
Lugri: What do you want, Speler?

Speler: donation
Lugri: Do you want to make a donation?

Speler: yes
Lugri: May the gods of darkness bless you!

Speler: job
Lugri: I am a priest of Zathroth, the bringer of dark secrets.

Speler: help
Lugri: If you cant help yourself you are not worth of my assistance.

Speler: quest
Lugri: Aren't we all on a quest for survival and supremacy?

Speler: old times
Lugri: Who cares?

Speler: fight
Lugri: Life is an eternal fight!

Speler: life
Lugri: Life is a war. It's about survival of the fittest.

Speler: king
Lugri: This puny king is no threat for our master's plans.

Speler: people
Lugri: The people of Tibia are sheep, so be smart and strong enough to become their wolf.

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