Bestand:Lorbas.gif NPC Lorbas
Locatie: Near Dark Cathedral (here)
Beroep: Monk
Notities: Lorbas is responsible for watching over Dark Cathedral, and is also the spokesman for his order of Monks, since they have taken a vow of silence. Looks the same as the Monk.
Items die hij/zij ruilt:Geen.

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Player: Hi
Lorbas: Be greeted, dear traveller.

Player: Job
Lorbas: I am just a humble monk and responsible to maintain this little outpost that is leftover from our grand order.

Player: Grand order
Lorbas: Our order was once the greatest and richest in the whole known world. Kings, traders and knights of various orders were our supporters and the gods smiled upon us ... or at least that's what we thought until the day of doom.

Player: Day of doom
Lorbas: On the day of doom, our dream of building the greatest and most opulent cathedral was shattered.

Player: Cathedral
Lorbas: What was once planned as the most impressive cathedral of all times, lies now in ruins. ...
Lorbas: All what the earthquake has left over is a heap of rubble. The ruins are cursed and everybody who dares to go there will draw the ire of heaven on himself. ...
Lorbas: All those that travel there are infested with bad luck. But only few have returned from this treacherous ground. Noxious fumes are killing intruders almost unnoticed. ...
Lorbas: Crumbling structures might kill you instantly. ...
Lorbas: Those who survive the dangers of nature will face the soul-eating ghosts of those who have died in the catastrophe. ...
Lorbas: It's not worth to go there, there are no richnesses or treasures left in the ruins, the gold of our order melted away in funding the cathedral's construction. ...
Lorbas: I urge you to stay away from the cursed ground and the ruins. For the safety of your body and your soul keep away from there.

Player: Ferumbras
Lorbas: He will discover where his path will lead him to. But no matter how ruthless he is, even he stays away from the ruins of the cathedral.

Player: Monk
Lorbas: We monks of the humble path feel that we are not worthy to spread the word of the gods. We live in humility and poverty to serve the gods. Most of us have vowed an oath of silence and I humbly took the burden to become the spokesperson.

Player: Dark monk
Lorbas: I know nothing about that topic. If you would excuse me, I have things to attend.

Player: Gods
Lorbas: I am not worthy to speak about the gods.

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