Opmerking: Ze praat alleen met vrouwelijke personages, anders zegt ze "Your words don't make any sense to me." (nl: Ik snap niets van jouw woorden.).

Speler: hail general'
Bunny Bonecrusher: I am the general of the queen's army! You really should consider to join, sister.

Speler: queen

Speler: army
Bunny Bonecrusher: The army protects the defenceless males of our city. Our elite forces are the Green Ferrets.

Speler: green ferrets
Bunny Bonecrusher: Our elite forces are trained by rangers and druids. In the woods they are only second to some elves.

Speler: bonecrusher / sister
Bunny Bonecrusher: Our family serves in the Carlin army since uncounted generations!

Speler: join
Bunny Bonecrusher: Join what?

Speler: join army
Bunny Bonecrusher: Sorry, we dont recruit foreigners. Perhaps you can join by doing a quest for the queen.

Speler: quest
Bunny Bonecrusher: Yeah. Entrusting a male with an important quest. Get serious!

Speler: tactics
Bunny Bonecrusher: Our tactic is to kiss.

Speler: kiss
Bunny Bonecrusher: K.I.S.S.! Keep It Simple, Stupid! Complicated tactics are to easy to be crushed by a twist of fate.

Speler: bye
Bunny Bonecrusher: LONG LIVE THE QUEEN!

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