Speler: hi
Ashtamor: Welcome, Speler, wanderer between the worlds.

Speler: job
Ashtamor: I consider myself as a guide, a guardian over the souls who transcend the border to another world.

Speler: souls
Ashtamor: The essence of life. Source of your very self. While the body is in space and time, the soul exists in time only.

Speler: time
Ashtamor: It's time now, but the true question is: How much time is left?

Speler: name
Ashtamor: What is a name worth in your eyes? And more important: Does the choice of your name decide your further fate? Perhaps we will never know.

Speler: venore
Ashtamor: You come to this world naked, and leave it this way, so there's no need to hold back your money, especially not in a place like Venore.

Speler: help
Ashtamor: What help might I offer you except guidance? Would you like me to help you transcend the border to the afterlife?

Speler: king
Ashtamor: Kings, queens ... I've seen them come and go. Everything fades, even the glory and wealth of the richest.

Speler: death
Ashtamor: What else does it mean than the loss of your weak physical shell? And isn't the true power in the universe rather mental than physical?

Speler: monsters
Ashtamor: Oh yes, monsters can grant you a passage to the afterlife also, but it's not a comfortable trip. <chuckles>

Speler: body
Ashtamor: Is the mind an emination of body, or the body an invention by the mind?

Speler: offer
Ashtamor: I'm offering vases and amphoras, the perfect vessel for all kinds of dusty remains. Ask me for a trade if you'reinterested.

Speler: trade
Ashtamor: Yes, it's a wise idea not to leave the choice of your future vessel to chance. Have a look.(Opens NPC trade)

Speler: bye
Ashtamor: See you again ... sooner or later, more or less alive.

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