Zoltan PNJ Zoltan
Ubicación: Edron, Ivory Towers (two floors up here).
Ocupación: Spell Instructor
Notas: Zoltan sells high level spells for druids, sorcerers, paladins and knights. He used to sell Poison Storm and Ultimate Explosion before the winter update 2007.

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He gives you permission to enter Ferumbras' Citadel on Kharos for 500 gp, he'll give you it only if you have already reached the Ferumbras' Citadel entrance. He can also give you the Mage/Summoner Hat addon if you give him Ferumbras' Hat.

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Artículos comercializados: Vende: Teaches:

Fierce Berserk (lvl 70) 5000 gp
Energy Bomb (lvl 37) 2300 gp
Mass Healing (lvl 36) 2200 gp
Wrath of Nature (lvl 55) 6000 gp
Eternal Winter (lvl 60) 8000 gp
Paralyze (lvl 54) 1900 gp
Divine Caldera (lvl 50) 3000 gp
Rage of the Skies (lvl 55) 6000 gp
Hell's Core (lvl 60) 8000 gp
Blood Rage (lvl 60) 8000 gp
Protector (lvl 55) 6000 gp
Swift Foot (lvl 55) 6000 gp

Sharpshooter (lvl 60) 8000 gp
Compra: None.
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