Zao is a continent home to Vampires, Dwarves, Cavemen, Orcs, Minotaurs, Lizards, Draken and Dragons (NPCs and Creatures). Many of these groups fight against the others across the continent. These groups each live in their own part of Zao: Vampires live in the far east in Vengoth on the west side of the mountain; Farmine is home to Dwarves and is below ground under the mountain; Cavemen live on the east side of the mountain; Orcs and their Minotaur leaders live on the Steppe in the Zao Orc Land; Dragons live in the Dragonblaze Peaks; High and Low Class Lizards live in the north and far south in the Muggy Plains, Chazorai, and Zzaion; Draken live in Zzaion and the Zao Palace.

Zao is located east of Yalahar and north of Edron. It was implemented in Christmas Update 2009.

The whole history of Zao is not well known. Lizards had either always lived on the continent or came there by some means. After the lizards had established their base in the north of the continent Orcs arrived, led by Curos a minotaur, and they have since battled against the lizards, holding their ground in the east. Later Dragons came seeking a new home; at first allied with the Lizards then later ruled them. Possibly before even the Lizards were on Zao Cavemen lived here but after losing in battle to Lizards and Orcs they settled on the east side of the mountain. At another point a family sailed to Zao from Yalahar and built their house on the west side of the mountain, later becoming Vampires. Most recently Dwarves from Kazordoon sailed by underground Steamship below the mountain and set up camp.

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