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Yaman.gif PNJ Yaman
Ubicación: Mal'ouquah (Green Djinn Fortress)
Ocupación: Shopkeeper
Notas: Yaman buys and sells magical items and some other special items. He and Alesar are dealing in different equipment for the Efreet and Green Djinn army. He can preform magical extractions.

He is particularly indifferent towards humans, but will not trade with them until he has permission from Malor.
Artículos comercializados: Vende:

Dwarven Ring 2,000 gp,
Energy Ring 2,000 gp,
Life Ring 900 gp,
Might Ring 5,000 gp,
Ring of Healing 2,000 gp,
Time Ring 2,000 gp,

Dragon Necklace 1,000 gp,
Protection Amulet 700 gp,
Strange Talisman 100 gp,
Silver Amulet 100 gp,

Special Items:
1 Enchanted Chicken Wing = 1 Boots of Haste.
1 Fighting Spirit = 2 Royal Helmets,
1 Magic Sulphur = 3 Fire Swords,

1 Warrior Sweat = 4 Warrior Helmets,

Dwarven Ring 100 gp,
Energy Ring 100 gp,
Life Ring 50 gp,
Might Ring 250 gp,
Ring of Healing 100 gp,
Time Ring 100 gp,

Dragon Necklace 100 gp,
Protection Amulet 100 gp,
Strange Talisman 30 gp,
Silver Amulet 50 gp,

Hailstorm Rod 3,000 gp,
Moonlight Rod 200 gp,
Necrotic Rod 1,000 gp,
Northwind Rod 1,500 gp,
Snakebite Rod 100 gp,
Springsprout Rod 3,600 gp,
Terra Rod 2,000 gp,
Underworld Rod 4,400 gp,

Special Items:
Ankh 100 gp,

Mysterious Fetish 50 gp,
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