Germany Xerena
Type: Open PvP
Online Since: February 15, 2006
Location: Germany
Server Save: 8:00 CET

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Additional Info

  • The highest level on Xerena is Tonkan Gonzales
  • Ferumbras was killed the 24th july 2009 for the first time after his second appearance on this world.
  • Ghazbaran has been killed twice.
  • The server is currently in war, and war-mode is enabled.

== Xerena Rares ==

Reasons to play here

  • Normal prices, you can try selling your items to players instead of to npc's.
  • International, you can find players from Sweden, Poland, Germany, England, Spain, Portugal, The Netherlands, Egypt and many other nationalities here.
  • One of the younger servers, you can give it a try to out-level them all.
  • Above average amount of players online during the day which results in faster respawns.


You might get power-abused by a player who is in a war guild. The amount of power abuse by the leading guild is immense. Mostly, lower level players are left alone, but reaching up to 80+ you become an easy target.

The world is currently at constant war, at the moment (16/11/10) the guild Overload and Benchwarmers are at war. Even though sides switch often, and a lot of backstabs have occurred in the past, peace is not likely to come quickly.

Also, many players from other worlds come here to fight for their friends, seen as many people have friends on other worlds (Xerena is a relatively new world).

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