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Reward: Spiritual Charm, Wayfarer Outfits, Black Jade Cobra, 100 Platinum Coins, 10 Crystal Coins, 10 Red Dragon Scales, 5 Gold Ingots, 10 Black Pearls, Blue Gem, Dragon Backpack, Jewelled Backpack, choose between Elite Draken Helmet, Royal Draken Mail, or Royal Scale Robe.
Location: Zao
Level required: 80(The New Frontier Quest is required)
Premium required: yes
Be prepared to face: High Class Lizards, Drakens, Undead Dragons, Ghastly Dragons, Dragon Lords, Demons, Serpent Spawns, Lizard Nobles, Lizard Magistratus, Lancer Beetles, Souleaters, Brimstone Bugs, Wailing Widows, Terramites, Mutated Bats, Mutated Tigers.
Legend: Help Zalamon in his fight against the corrupted Emperor.
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