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This is a Premium account Quest
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Also known as: Fools Guild Quest, Jester Outfits Quest.
Reward: Jester Outfits and addons Outfit Jester Male Addon 3.gif Outfit Jester Female Addon 3.gif, a Jester Staff and a Jester Hat.
Location: In and around Thais, Edron, Cormaya, Kazordoon, Carlin, Venore, Port Hope, Liberty Bay, and several other locations
Level required: 40*(for hat addon only)
Premium required: yes
Be prepared to face: Lesser creatures, Slimes, Rotworms, Ghouls, Stalkers, Demon Skeletons, Dwarf Guard, Quaras, all kind of Minotaurs, all kind of Apes, all kind of Orcs, Dragon, and others.
Legend: This outfit is ideal for any tibian who loves clowning around or joking other people.
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