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Also known as: Pirate Backpack Quest, Swimmer Quest, Hydra Waterfall Quest
Reward: Pirate Backpack, Pirate Hat, Dwarven Ring, Rum Flask
Location: Near Forbidden Lands in Tiquanda
Level required: 0
Premium required: Yes
Be prepared to face: Route from Port Hope; Bugs, Snakes, Centipedes, Carniphilas, Wasps, Bats, Tigers, Slimes, Skunks, Crocodiles, Kongras, Sibangs, Terror Birds, Scorpions, Tarantulas, Spit Nettles and maybe Tiquandas Revenge (rare spawn).
Route from Kha'Zeel; Snakes, Bugs, Slimes, Crocodiles, Scorpions, Tarantulas, Elephants, Dwarfs, Dwarf Soldiers, Dwarf Guards, possible lured Hydra!!!
Legend: A pirate forgot his treasure in a cave in the waterfalls near the traitorous nest of the feared Hydras.
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