Wand of Vortex.gif Wand of Vortex
Surges of energy rush through the tip of this wand.
Used by: Sorcerers of level 7 or higher.
Damage: Average 13 Energy Damage per turn.
Weight: 19.00 oz
Mana per shot: 2
Range: 3 sqm
Buy from: Alexander (Edron)

Rachel (Carlin)
Fenech (Ankrahmun)
Shiriel (Ab'Dendriel)
Asima (Darashia)
Tandros (Port Hope)
Muriel, Xodet, Topsy (Thais)

Chuckles (Yalahar)
Price: First one free, 500 gp for each additional one.
Sell to: Haroun (Blue Djinn Fortress) 100 gps.
Dropped by: Novice of the Cult
Notes: The wand for low-level sorcerers. Provides 1 square off blue light. Quite effective as nearly none of the weakest creatures are immune to energy. Good idea to carry it later to save mana when attacking weak creatures.
Can train magic level with this wand at higher levels with promotion. Wands of Vortex replaced Blue Spell Wand.gif Blue Spell Wands in Update 7.6.

<spoiler>Needed for Mage Outfits Quest(male) and Summoner Outfits Quest(female).</spoiler>

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