Wand of Voodoo.gif Wand of Voodoo
It is filled with the dark hatred and rage of a tormented demonic being.
Used by: Sorcerers of level 42 or higher.
Damage: Average 65 Death Damage per turn.
Weight: 28.50 oz
Mana per shot: 13
Range: 3 sqm
Buy from: Alexander (Edron)

Fenech (Ankrahmun)
Frederik (Liberty Bay)
Asima (Darashia)
Tandros (Port Hope)
Nelly and Romir (Svargrond)
Chuckles (Yalahar)

Rabaz (Farmine)
Price: 22,000 gp
Sell to: Haroun (Blue Djinn Fortress) 4,400 gp
Dropped by: Draken Abomination, Grandfather Tridian, Madareth.
Notes: This wand was added to the game in the Summer Update 2008.Be prepared to pay 22k for this wand, since it is very rare to loot, and the monsters who loot it are very dangerous. Also good to sell for a bit more to free accounts, because it can only be bought in Premium zones.
See also: Complete list of Wands and Rods.
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