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A promotion is an upgrade for your character. It can be purchased from King Tibianus III of Thais, Queen Eloise of Carlin, Emperor Kruzak of Kazordoon, Grand Vizier Ishebad of Ankrahmun or Emperor Rehal of Beregar.

Cost and Requirements

In order to receive a promotion, the character must, first of all, be level 20 or higher. Secondly, only Premium Accounts can receive a promotion. Finally, it will cost 20,000 gp to receive the promotion when you are ready.


New Name

The first benefit of a character promotion, is that you will receive a new name for your vocation. Druids will become Elder Druids, Sorcerers will become Master Sorcerers, Knights will become Elite Knights, and Paladins will become Royal Paladins.

Reduced Death Penalty

A very valuable benefit of promotion is the reduced loss in a death. Buying Promotion will reduce the experience and skills lost in a death by 30%, unlike Blessings, this benefit will be in effect as long as you have the promoted character.

NOTE: When a promoted character loses premium, they will temporarily lose the promotion until they get premium back again.

Faster Regeneration

Soul Points

For promoted characters, Soul Points will regenerate eight times faster than unpromoted characters. They will regenerate one soul point every 15 seconds, instead of one soul point every 2 minutes.

Mana and Hitpoints

Full article is Regeneration.

The following is a comparison of Hitpoint and Mana regeneration before and after a promotion for different vocations:

Unpromoted title HP Mana Promoted title HP Mana
Knight 1 every 6 sec 2 every 6 sec Elite Knight 1 every 4 sec 2 every 6 sec
Paladin 1 every 8 sec 2 every 4 sec Royal Paladin 1 every 6 sec 2 every 3 sec
Druid 1 every 12 sec 2 every 3 sec Elder Druid 1 every 12 sec 2 every 2 sec
Sorcerer 1 every 12 sec 2 every 3 sec Master Sorcerer 1 every 12 sec 2 every 2 sec

New Spells

Each vocation has one spell that requires a promotion before they can learn it. These spells can only be learned from Eremo by visiting him on his island near Edron and Cormaya. You need to be Premium Account for buying and using these Spells.

New Knight Spell

Name Words Premium Mana Level Price Effect
Challenge exeta res Unknown 30 mana lvl 20 2000 gp Makes all Creatures nearby change their target to the caster.

New Paladin Spell

Name Words Premium Mana Level Price Effect
Conjure Power Bolt exevo con vis Unknown 700 mana lvl 59 2000 gp Creates 10 Power Bolts.

New Druid Spell

Name Words Premium Mana Level Price Effect
Wild Growth adevo grav vita Wild Growth.gif Elder Druids Unknown 600 mana lvl 27 2000 gp ? sp mlvl 8 x{{{charges}}} Creates a rune to cast a tree which blocks off 1 square meter.

New Sorcerer Spell

Name Words Premium Mana Level Price Effect
Enchant Staff exeta vis Unknown 80 mana lvl 41 2000 gp Enchants a Staff (10/25) to an Enchanted Staff (39/45) for 60 seconds.