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I use this page as my TibiaWiki Homepage, so I keep some links here

2-Column Quick Table

I use this table style a lot, so gonna keep a copy here

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Library Template

Not the newest version follows. Check Template:Library for the newest version

Big Blue Demona Book

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Item Template

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Model Ship

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Infobox example

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Egg Egg
Item Class: Food
Attributes: stackable edible 
Weight: 0.3 oz.
Loot value:  ? gp.
Sounds: Gulp.
Dropped by: Chickens (rare) and rabbits (only during the Easter holiday).
Buy from: Imalas (Carlin) 2 gp

Bonifacius (Edron) 2 gp

Maria (Venore) 2 gp
Sell to: Willie (Rookgaard), 1 gp
Notes: Looks the same as the Phoenix Egg. Out of all food available on Rookgaard, eggs have the best regen per oz.
Regeneration: One Egg will regenerate hp/mana for 72 seconds.

Unpromoted Characters HP Mana
Sorcerer / Druid 6 48
Knight 12 24
Paladin 9 36
Promoted Characters HP Mana
Master Sorcerer / Elder Druid 6 72
Elite Knight 18 24
Royal Paladin 12 48

See: Entire items list.

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