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Uso.gif PNJ Uso
Ubicación: Port Hope Place (here) Under ground.
Ocupación: Knight Guild Leader
Notas: He is head of a little mining operation in Port Hope. In his spare time he trains knights to prevent his old body from rusting.
Artículos comercializados: Vende: Knight Spells:

Find Person (lvl 8) 80 gp
Light (lvl 8) 100 gp
Light Healing (lvl 9) 170 gp
Antidote (lvl 10) 150 gp
Levitate (lvl 12) 500 gp
Great Light (lvl 13) 500 gp
Haste (lvl 14) 600 gp
Whirlwind Throw (lvl 15) 800 gp
Wound Cleansing (lvl 30) 300 gp
Groundshaker (lvl 33) 1500 gp
Berserk (lvl 35) 2500 gp

Fierce Berserk (lvl 70) 5000 gp
Compra: none
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