USA Unitera
Type: Optional PvP
Online Since: January 25, 2007
Location: USA
Server Save: 12:00 CET

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List of Game Worlds.


  • Orshabaal - Orshabaal. Orshabaal has visited twice. On the first visit, Unitera was unable to slay the boss and resulted in over 400 deaths. The second visit he was slain, it was blocked by Raynex and killed by a large team and the loot was a Orshabaal's Brain.
  • Ghazbaran - Ghazbaran. Ghazbaran has been seen four times. Some adventurers went to see him and two died, he wasn't killed. The second time was on the September 26th 2009 and also blocked by Raynex. It was the first time a Paladin had blocked Ghazbaran and was with the help of GMs. The third time was killed and the main loot was Blue Tome, Oceanborn Leviathan Armor, Twin Axe. The fourth was killed on October 10th 2010 and the best loot was a Golden Boots.
  • Ferumbras - Ferumbras. Ferumbras has also been seen three times, the second one on August 7th 2009. The teams failed to kill the boss during both attempts.

The third time was killed and the main loot was Velvet Mantle, Tempest Shield, Great Axe and Ferumbras' Hat. Sep 18 2010 Unitera fail again.

Morgaroth was seen once, on Set 04 of 2010. The loot was: 2 Demon Horns, Demonic Essence, 22 Platinum Coins, a Red Tome, a Green Gem, a Great Spirit Potion, Golden Legs, an Obsidian Truncheon, 3 Small Sapphires, a Golden Mug, a Ring of Healing, a Royal Crossbow


  • Prices rates are dropping.
  • Players cannot attack you.


  • A lot of thieves/botters since it's Non-PvP.
  • Difficult to sell some items.
  • Very popular server to play on, so Free Account players will find themselves on waiting lists at all but the most inactive server times.

Additional Info

  • The maximum on this game world was 1052 players on May 28 2009, 01:30:30 CEST.

Rare Items

Items that had been transferred to out of Unitera

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