Tristan PNJ Tristan
Ubicación: Liberty Bay Fort, fourth floor.
Ocupación: Knight Guild Leader
Notas: Tristan is an officer of the Thaian army. He is also responsible for the training of knights in Liberty Bay.He is proud to see how this settlement bravely fights all problems and enemies under the Thaian guidance. He thinks Isolde is not only beautiful but also valorous and honourable. Her pure heart is a living temple for the gods. Her eyes are the gates to heaven. Her smile is the warmth of spring after a hard winter. Every soul is touched by the melody of her sweet voice. This is an

allusion to the famous opera "Tristan Und Isolde"

Artículos comercializados: Vende: Knight Spells:

Light (lvl 8) 100 gp
Find person (lvl 8) 80 gp
Light Healing (lvl 9) 170 gp
Antidote (lvl 10) 150 gp
Levitate (lvl 12) 500 gp
Great Light (lvl 13) 500 gp
Wound Cleansing (lvl 30) 300 gp

Berserk (lvl 35) 2500 gp
Compra: none
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