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Treasure Rooms are unaccessible places in Tibia which contain some exhibited treasures, most players can only dream of. Often a new item can first be seen in a treasure room for a few updates, until it is released as a quest reward or rare monster drop.

Alawar's Vault Treasure Room

Alawar's Vault is located underground, beneath the Southern Ice Islands. In the left side of the room there are some jewel- and money treasures, on the right side of the room there are some weapon and armor "treasures" (those are not really valuable).

Archivo:Alawars Vault.png Archivo:Alvars vault.png

Amazon Camp Treasure Room

This treasure room is located in the Venore Amazon Camp, here. It contains some rare items, like a Medal of Honour, a Dragon Scale Helmet, Golden Boots, Patched Boots, Bronze Necklace, Holy Falcon and Horned Helmet.

Archivo:Amazon Camp Treasure Room.gif

Ankrahmun's Pharaoh Treasure Room

This room is on the top of the central pyramid in Ankrahmun, located here. It contains only one rare item Holy Scarab.

Archivo:Pharaoh Treasure Room.png

Beregar Treasure Room

This room is in Beregar near Pythius The Rotten. It contains some rare, Native Armor, lavos Armor, Solar Axe, Dark Trinity Mace, a unknown club (possibly a Hammer of Prophecy) under the flash arrow and an Elethriel's Elemental Bow under the north treasure chest.

Archivo:Pythius The Rotten Treasure Room.jpg

Darashia Catacombs

This treasure room is located near Koshei the Deathless' room.

Archivo:Darashia Catacombs.gif

Draconia Treasure Room

This treasure room is located on the third floor of the pyramid, here. You must go through the quest steps up to this point to see it. You can go back and not finish the quest, but if you continue there must be at least two people.

Archivo:Draconia Treasure Room.png

Ferumbras Treasure Room

Ferumbras keeps his treasure in his citadel on the second floor.


Hellgate Treasure Chamber

Travel through Hellgate and go to the exit north of Redbone Castle and levitate or use parcels up the walls. At the top go right to find the Hellgate treasure room. The treasure room is filled with 2-3 Ghouls and 3-4 Demon Skeletons. Go back left to exit outside Ab'Dendriel, here.

Archivo:Hellgate Treasure Room.png

Isle of Kings Treasure Rooms

Below the Isle of the Kings there are some catacombs. In those catacombs treasure are buried together with the people. Some remarkable rooms are found, like the room of a former captain, a musician etc. Some of those rooms contain real treasures like a Crown:
Archivo:Isle of Kings Treasure Room.png

Kazordoon Treasure Room

This is the treasure room behind Emperor Kruzak in Kazordoon. You can see many treasures including a Crown and some Dragon Scale Legs inside. It is guarded by a locked door (Key 3801) and several Dwarf Guards. In the room before it, there are many switches on the ground, but nobody knows how to open it.

Archivo:Better Kazz Room.jpg

Maze of Lost Souls Treasure Room

When walking in the Maze of Lost Souls you can see a small (unaccessible) cave from the path, full with treasures.

Archivo:MoLS Treasure Room.png

Morguthis Treasure Room

The tomb room of Morguthis is surrounded by his treasures.


Nargor Treasure Room

You can see some gps, 3 platinum coins, 3 scarab coins and an emerald bangle.

Archivo:Treasure Room Nargor.png

Okolnir Treasure Room

It's located in the same room like one mission of the Explorer Society Quest. You can see an Ancient Tiara, a Might Ring, a Ring of the Sky and some gold.

Archivo:Treasure Room Okolnir.png

Pits of Inferno Treasure Room

This treasure can be seen in the same location as the quest reward.

Archivo:Pits of Inferno Treasure Room.jpg

Santa's House

This is a small treasure room, but has one very rare item: a Ball Gown. It is located here.

Archivo:Santa House (Inside).png

Serpentine Tower Treasure Room

This treasure room is located in Ankrahmun. it contains many strange items: a Blood Orb, Carrot of Doom, Ring of Wishes, Horn of Sundering, Boots of Waterwalking, Blessed Ankh, Djinn's Lamp and a Portable Hole that appears to be an object.

Archivo:Serpentine Tower2.png

Yalahar Treasure Room

In the Magician Quarter, near the NPC Tamoril.

Archivo:Yalahar Treasure Room.png

Zzaion Treasure Room

It's located in the palace of Zulazza the Corruptor in the city of Zzaion, south east of Farmine, which is only accessible during orc attacks.

Archivo:Zzaion Treasure Room.png

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