Tom PNJ Tom
Ubicación: Rookgaard, here.
Ocupación: Tanner
Notas: Tom the tanner owns a shop in the center of the town on Rookgaard. He will buy rat, rabbit and wolf corpses from you for some money. Tom has been on the island for some time and might tell you of some hidden goods left behind somewhere. His mother, Zirella, lives to the south on the Tutorial Island.

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He tells you about the Doublet Quest.

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Artículos comercializados: Vende: Nothing. Compra:

Antlers 5 gp
Bear Paw 10 gp
Bunch of Troll Hair 5 gp
Fresh Dead Rabbit 2 gp
Fresh Dead Rat 2 gp
Fresh Dead Wolf 5 gp
Lump of Dirt 2 gp
Minotaur Leather 12 gp
Orc Leather 8 gp
Orc Tooth 40 gp
Pig Foot 2 gp
Spider Fangs 4 gp
Wolf Paw 7 gp

Wool 10 gp
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