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Also known as: Kazzan Quest
Reward: 20 Platinum Coins
Location: Darashia, Ashta'daramai, Mal'ouquah
Level required: 30
Premium required: yes
Be prepared to face: Hyaenas, Nomads, Scorpions, Cobras, Stone Golems. Possible lured Scarabs and Larvas.
Legend: The Efreet and Marid and fought for eons, yet maybe the humans can make peace with them.
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Warning! You CANNOT do this quest if you have started or completed either Blue or Green Djinn Quest!


Talk to Kazzan in Darashia (in the castle, on the first floor) and ask about a mission. He will tell you to offer an appeasement treaty to the Djinn races.

Before you go do your mission, you need to talk to Melchior a wandering NPC that lives in Ankrahmun. Ask him about "greeting" and you will be ready to go offer the peace treaty to the djinn.

You may talk to the djinns in any order, none of them will accept.

Head to either the Blue Djinn Fortress or the Green Djinn Fortress and talk to the NPC there and ask about a mission. Say Kazzan sent you, and say he wants an appeasement.

After doing this, head to the other Djinn Fortress and do the same thing with the NPC there.

Return to Kazzan to collect your reward.


Caliph Kazzan in Darashia

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Melchior in Ankrahmun

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Umar in Kha'labal

Umar: Whoa? You know the word! Amazing, Player! ...
Player: Mission
Umar: I should go and tell Fa'hradin. ...
Umar: I am impressed you know our address of welcome! I honour that. So tell me who sent you on a mission to our fortress?
Player: Kazzan
Umar: He is a good man regarding to what I heard about him. What does he want from us Marid?
Player: Appeasement
Umar: I can't imagine he really asked you to offer us something like that. The Marid will not accept that. Still, if YOU like to join our fight against the Efreet, just let me know.

Ubaid in Kha'labal

Ubaid: What? You know the word, Player? All right then - I won't kill you. At least, not now.
Player: Mission
Ubaid: You have the smell of the Marid on you. Tell me who sent you?
Player: Kazzan
Ubaid: And he is sending a worm like you to us!?! The mighty Efreet!! Tell him that we won't be part in his 'great' plans and now LEAVE!! ...
Ubaid: ...or do you want to join us and fight those stinking Marid who claim themselves to be noble and righteous?!? Just let me know.

Caliph Kazzan in Darashia

Player: Hi
Kazzan: Feel welcome in the lands of the children of the enlightened Daraman, Player.
Player: Mission
Kazzan: Well, I don't blame you for that. I am sure you did your best. Now we can just hope that peace remains. Here, take this small gratification for your effort to help and Daraman may bless you!

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