Germany Thoria
Type: Open PvP
Online Since: July 06, 2005
Location: Germany
Server Save: 8:00 CET

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  • The name Thoria is taken from "Thor", the god of thunder in Norse mythology.
  • Description: Almost always there is a war on Thoria. 1-2 months after one war ends, the other one starts. There are a lot of retired people who use their characters just to PK. There aren't many people online usually. When there is a war, most of respawn places are free, but you have to wait long for respawn of monsters, because of too few people online. Thoria is good choice if you have friends here, who can help you, or if you want just to get some exp and fight against others. Prices are low and there aren't many high levels as for not-so-new world, so you can always try to get into highscores lists, however if you don't have any important friends this is a bad server since the leading guild Arashi and support guilds make alot of power abusing.

Thoria is, especially under its own population, seen as one of the most botting worlds you can find. Everyone bots, everyone afks. Hunting tortoises or any other frequently botted creatures is therefore nearly impossible, for you'd have to kill so many botters for a spawn you'd have black skull before you get there. At the moment the server is owned by a guild called Arashi [led by Mofi] with many support guilds, the only resistance guild is Ad astra [led by Jebbelito] wich isn't that big enough to make any large difference.

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