Tibia Wiki

Various areas in Tibia have some theme. The mainland and Edron has a traditional (European) medieval, Lord of the Rings based theme.

Some say Venore is based on Venice, though the only remarkable element is that it's built on swamps, just like Venice is built on water.

Other Regions and their themes (in order of implemention)

  • Darashia: Desert (Arabian, Muslim culture)
  • Ankrahmun: Desert (Ancient Egyptian culture)
  • Tiquanda: Jungle (Mostly based on the Amazon rainforest. This is proven by the architectural style of Banuta and Chor)
  • Shattered Isles: The Carribean (And more specifically the Pirates of the Carribean movie)
  • Ice Islands: The Southern Ice Islands, which were implemented earlier represent mainland scandinavia, while the Nothern Ice Islands represent Iceland. Senja, Folda and Vega are names of real Norwegian islands, while names of locations on the Northern Ice Islands resemble the Icelandic tongue.
  • Yalahar: The legendary island of Atlantis
  • Zao: Asia