The Spark of the Phoenix is one of the five Blessings available in Tibia. See Blessings for prices and death penalty reduce data.

To obtain The Spark of the Phoenix, you must visit Kawill and Pydar (in that order). They are located in the lower levels of Kazordoon. Kawill is southwest of the temple, down one floor at the stairs before the Molten Rock Fellowship. Pydar is north of the temple. Even though you must visit two NPCs to get the entire blessing, you only pay once, with Pydar.

To reach Pydar, for the Blessing, there are several Fire Fields in the path. The character needs to run through the Fire and take damage, or use Destroy Field Runes. If running, it is better to move as quickly as possible since the damage from several fields is not cumulative.

If you have a Phoenix Egg in your backpack you will save 10% on this blessing. A loaned egg will only work if the person who borrowed it has completed the Paradox Tower Quest

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