This page is about the main Ice Islands Quest. See also Alawar's Vault Quest (Senja).
This is a Premium account Quest
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Also known as: Svargrond Quest, Snow Quest, Nordic Shaman Quest, the ice islands quest
Reward: Access to the Krimhorn island, Helheim, Tyrsung, ability to use the dogsleds from Nibelor to Inukaya, ability to become a citizen of Svargrond, including talking to the arena, boat and more NPCs. And the basic Norseman outfit!
Location: Svargrond
Level required: 0
Premium required: yes
Be prepared to face: All ice islands creature, the cultists, and eventually a lot of demonic creatures
Legend: The jarl, Sven the Younger is not too keen in accepting new citizens in the barbarian settlement of Svargrond, and for that reason he will submit you to a few quests. If succeeded, you will be able to help the other barbarians that are in dire need of help.
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