This building is a part of the Ab'Dendriel Guildhalls
The Hideout
Building Type: Guildhall
City: Ab'Dendriel
Location: West outside of the city - near Elvenbane castle; south of Northport, here.
Size: 378 sqm
Number of Beds: 20
Monthly Rent: 20800 gp per month
Number of windows: None
Number of Accessible Floors: 4 + 1 inaccessible
Number of Rooms: 8 (14 doors)
Amenities: A Wine, a Water and 2 Beer casks along with a Dustbin and several Torch Bearers
Notes: There are 4 cots and 1 bed in four rooms on ground floor, a basement with cages, 12 cots in two rooms on first floor, 2 beds and a cot in two rooms and lawny terrace on second floor and branches, stones and plants on the third floor.
See also: other Buildings.

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