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Also known as: Element Quest
Reward: Dragon Robe for Sorcerers, Greenwood Coat for Druids, Windborn Colossus Armor for Knights and The Ironworker for Paladins.
Location: Edron, Elemental Spheres.
Level required: 80
Premium required: Yes
Be prepared to face: Depending on vocation:

Sorcerers: Blazing Fire Elemental, Blistering Fire Elemental, Fire Overlord
Druids: Jagged Earth Elemental, Muddy Earth Elemental, Earth Overlord
Knights: Charged Energy Elemental, Overcharged Energy Elemental, Energy Overlord
Paladins: Roaring Water Elemental, Slick Water Elemental, Ice Overlord

and the Lord of the Elements for all vocations.
Legend: One of the experiences of Magister Alverus went wrong, and now he is frozen in one of the Ivory Towers in Edron. Only with the power of the four vocations together (each with an element) can this great alchemist be saved.
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